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  1. Jimmy Mkude
    Jimmy Mkude
    Slow in fast out!
  2. jimmybana
    jimmybana BOSS302r013
    Both are beautiful machines. I want to track the car & the white one belongs to a collector. So, what is the bad to the bone red one's asking price ?
  3. jimmybana
    jimmybana BOSS302r013
    Email pics & info to Thanks
  4. jimmybana
    jimmybana PatienceMetalFab
    Possible to email parts available ? Thank you
    1. PatienceMetalFab
      The list on that part out thread is current. Anything you see there is still available. Is there anything in particular you are interested in?
      Oct 2, 2019
  5. Pam Matson
    Pam Matson steveespo
    How do I get tickets for 12/6-12/8 at Daytona?
    1. steveespo
      Sep 21, 2019
  6. VoodooBoss
    I rarely look at this page. If you want to contact please send me a message or "conversation"
  7. Mark Mundorff
    Mark Mundorff VoodooBoss
    I will find a couple pictures and try to get them uploaded. Thanks for the reply Rick
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  8. Kona Bob
    Kona Bob JDee
    Hi JDee,
    I just finished Watkins and headed Mosport. Have to stop at Mississauga, On at White Oak Ford and have another set of Front Pads installed. I will be running at Mosport on Friday. Are you coming to that event? I may stay and do Callabogie on the 14th.
    Please call me at 808-938-9526.
    Do you have a recommendation for a Hotel or Motel that looks over the falls? I need somewhere to stay tonight.
  9. Frank Terence
    Frank Terence
    I have been a Mustang GT500 owner for 6 years now. I am a member of the Shelby Club and I drive the Orange County Cobra events.
  10. steveespo
    2018 GTPP2, waiting on the 2022 GT500 Carbon Track
  11. Bjorn Laukenmann
    Bjorn Laukenmann Apex3V
    I only need the linkage. Would you sell it to me?
  12. Kona Bob
    Kona Bob JDee
    IHi JDee,
    I am headed to a Ford dealer in Pittsburg. We ran the last two days at VIR in 95+ degrees and my clutch is making noise the car is idling very rough. At this time I am registered for Friday. I am still going to try to get there to be able to run on Friday. I will know more after we get a few diagnoses from the Ford Dealer tomorrow.

  13. GranTouring
  14. Coz
  15. Flash68
    Flash68 Stangra
    Hey, sorry I missed your reply on my Trackspec vent thread. I just saw it and posted up the measurements if you are still thinking about it.
    Are you Bay Area?
  16. SydWays
    SydWays dabossinnne
    Thanks Dave!

  17. SydWays
    SydWays dabossinnne
    No problem, $68 fair enough. I'll follow up once I get the funds sent out. Probably be later in the day tomorrow. Thanks!

    1. dabossinnne
      Sounds good, thanks Steve.
      Jul 30, 2019
    2. dabossinnne

      Funds received. Will ship tomorrow if not today. Thanks!

      Jul 30, 2019
    3. dabossinnne
      Hi Steve,

      Shipped your grille today. UPS tracking # 1ZA72R110340431117. Enjoy!

      Jul 31, 2019
  18. Pbrmeasap
    Pbrmeasap Black Boss
    Road Atlanta went really good. At first it felt like I had signed up for the double black diamond ski slope. Had the first to full day with Jade, which combined with first time at the circuit, was pretty much complete sensory overload. Overall went very well apart from having a tire go down late in the day. Looking forward to going back. Hope to see you again in Dec. at Daytona . Cheers!
  19. xr7
    xr7 dabossinnne
    Sent $545.00 via paypal to Best to call home#, cell coverage is spotty.

    Randy Cameron
    11509 23rd Ave S
    Burnsville, MN 55337
    952-890-5881 home
    612-859-0583 cell
  20. xr7
    xr7 dabossinnne
    I'll take the driveshaft, I would guess shipping shouldn't be to bad from Omaha to Burnsville, MN.
    I thru some numbers in UPS and it looked like $60 should cover it. I don't need it any faster than ordinary ground. I open to what you had in mind for shipping as it looks like you will have plenty of experience by the time you move all your pieces.
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    2. dabossinnne
      Got it shipped today. UPS tracking #: 1ZA72R110330403498
      Jul 26, 2019
    3. xr7
      Shaft has arrived and UPS took good care of it.
      Thanks for the deal!
      Jul 30, 2019
    4. dabossinnne
      Fantastic! One of the best mods you can do. Enjoy!
      Jul 31, 2019