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  1. zajac
    zajac Creedog
    I am interested in the Shelby trans cooler. You said submit an offer. Would $70 including shipping to 84025, Farmington, Utah work for you? zajac
  2. rlgdestroyu
    rlgdestroyu TymeSlayer
    Thanks a bunch, I have a feeling he isn’t around anymore last post was 2015 sometime....oh well...
  3. rlgdestroyu
    rlgdestroyu TymeSlayer
    Didn't want to muddy up the other thread, but was curious if you know Aggressor Airflow is still around? I can't find anything on them but through your post. Thanks appreciate it.
    1. TymeSlayer
      Apr 29, 2018
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  4. Rgluckman
    You Need Badass Track Pics?
  5. Bill Pemberton
    Bill Pemberton
    Looking to lay some rubber all over the tracks in the Midwest
  6. 03GTinFLA
    03GTinFLA Fabman
    Could you PM me about backing plates please? Can't seem to be able to send you a PM.
  7. TimK
    TimK VoodooBoss
    Hello Rick,
    Will you please help with a wheel fitment question? New to the site, I stumbled on one of your posts indicating you run 19X11's front and rear. I just bought an '18 PP1 and want to upgrade square for AX, at least 19 X 9-1/2 to run 285-35/R19 RE71R's. Do you mind sharing offset? What year and model? Thanks,
    SPDBOSS Tri-bar
    Hey Tri-bar, I'm installing Boss front tubular bumper. I read on a thread that you have the template for the tow hook cutout. Can you send a copy? Please send to Any hints on cutting the stock bumper off. Going to try and drill out the spot welds. Thanks,
  9. 10le
    10le OrangeSoul
    Hi OrangeSoul,

    "I fell in love with a Mustang Boss 302 (2012) .... Boss #2165 is offered to me."

    I bought BOSS 302 #2165 at V&P studio and have now a lot of issues with this failure car!
    Also he lie to me to give me the correct paper for matriculation of the car in France. Next he didn't inform me about the crash of the car!
    What information did you share with this guy??
    Change to German possible.

  10. Steve Pettigrew
  11. byronj
    The stock front wheels or the APEX 18x10?
    1. smallblock
      Sorry I think I messaged the wrong person. I was inquiring about a steering wheel, not sure how this went to you.
      Mar 14, 2018
  12. smallblock
    smallblock byronj
    Can I get pics of the Boss 302wheel please.
  13. sigsauerguy68
    sigsauerguy68 50Deep
    Hi. I really like the look of the SV108's and the SV501's I also can't decide on the color. Is the triple black tinted a grayish color or just black?
    If I chose either wheel would I be able to have two colors? Like bronze and black?
    I am leaning towards the 108's but my wife likes the 501's
    Could you please help me get pricing for both with anti-slip knurling.
    Thanks Adam
    1. 50Deep
      Adam, I will send you a message via the conversation option
      Mar 1, 2018
  14. Izzy Bonilla
    Izzy Bonilla 2012YellowBoss
    Hello the name is Izzy I just moved to Jacksonville from Wisconsin, I owned a 12 Boss (white) that I hope to one day to to Sebring. Im actually going to Sebring for the week of the 13-15 March to at least watch one day of racing time permitting. If you are around I would love to call on you to discuss cars and upgrades. My number id 904-775-9046 thanks
  15. antman450
    antman450 DaveW
    You seemed interested in the AST shocks. I have a set of MCS (better than AST IMHO) that I have listed. They are single adjustable with springs and camber plates. The single adjustable part is kind of a misnomer. The adjustmant changes rebound and compression, just at a predetermined relationship rather than independantly. They only have 6 hours on them. I am going to the same package but with the resevoirs.
  16. Izzy Bonilla
    Izzy Bonilla
    Boss 302 Owner
  17. Bill Pemberton
    Bill Pemberton radiantm3
    Should be fine, but you can always double check with Luke P. at Tire Rack if you want.

    You can send me messages at if you want , also. I have access to the Forum only when I am at work . I am the Performance Sales Mgr. at Woodhouse Chrysler, Dodge, Jeep, Ram in Blair , Ne. 68008
  18. wizzo
    wizzo VoodooBoss
    Hey Rick, I have the issue with the clutch disengagement with a Magnum XL, some people mentioned shimming the slave, and you mentioned that it has been seen within TMO several times. What was the issue that was noticed? Not disengaging fully? Did shimming the slave fix it?
  19. rlgdestroyu
    rlgdestroyu 101blur
    Hey saw all your awesome work on here, you still doing the diffusers and splitters?
  20. 2012-Boss
    2012-Boss Fabman
    PM me please.