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  1. Fabman
    Fabman Wingrider
    Was nice to meet you, when you asked about the white and blue mustang I thought you meant driving one today. I was driving the blue and white #31 car for Tom Klaur Motorsports. They have a white/blue mustang like mine there and I thought you were gonna rip that driver for doing something on track, I didn't realize you meant my personal car. Anyway, thanks for coming over to say hi.
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    2. Fabman
      Yeah, I manage to get myself in enough trouble without help from anyone else. lol. Usually when somebody comes over and says "Is that you in such and such car?" they aren't coming over to compliment your sense of style....
      Aug 7, 2017
    3. Fabman
      My guess is that you recognized my truck....Or did somebody snitch me off as I was trying to sneak out early?
      Aug 7, 2017
    4. Wingrider
      I would say, but if you roll on the down low I can share with you offline how I guessed.... ;)
      Aug 8, 2017
  2. H3149LinghtningBlue
    Nicky. Those whom the gods love grow young. Forever in our hearts.
  3. Wingrider
    Wingrider APEXRaceParts
    I replied back to you guys July 11 as someone wanted to talk to me. I shared my contact info but I haven't heard back so should I assume the conversations are over? Thanks. -Doug
  4. Wingrider
    Wingrider APEXRaceParts
    Sure- I'm happy to discuss this. I'm prepared to buy a set of these and most likely 2 sets to go with my HRE's. I've just been waiting on fitment and hearing back from your staff. I coach for HOD and happy to try and advocate for you guys as part of the Shelby club. Rick can vouch for me :-)
    Doug Werner - cell- 408-425-3684
  5. gww52
    gww52 06mach1
    I'm looking for a set of mounts for my Boss 302.
    Do you have any available?
    Thanks, Guy
  6. gww52
    gww52 steveespo
    Steve I'll take the rollbar.
    Guy Wagner 484-239-0493
    PUR VUDU jmbboss302
    I have been waiting a couple months for my GT350R. It has been stuck at the factory since 5-8. Supposedly it has left the factory. Someone said you work miracles on locating cars during transit. Any chance you could find mine? VIN 1FATP8JZ1H5524623. I'm trying to st up transport for it as well so timing is critical. Anything you could do would be appreciated.

    1. jmbboss302
      I just noticed this post dated from last Thursday. I don't normally look for posts in my profile page. The information that I see shows that this car was delivered to the customer on June 23, 2017.
      Jul 12, 2017
  8. cobrarob
    cobrarob smallblock
    Hey smallblock,saw on your big brake post you went to the 18x11 cf5. Did you go same offsets f/r if so what offset. Thanks Rob
  9. Wingrider
    Wingrider APEXRaceParts
    I've been swapping emails with you guys since the group buy. There was a discussion about brining over my '11 GT500 with the Stop-Tech GT-40 brake kit and full Cortex race suspension to test fitment at -2.6 camber. I run a 305/660?/18 Pirelli slick square now on 18x10 HRE's and looking to go wider. I live in Sunnyvale and have a flexible schedule.
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    2. Wingrider
      We had been talking about fitment and he's the one that offered to take pictures along with the fitment. *shrug* FYI- All good here, I'm not mad or anything. :-)
      Jun 28, 2017
    3. APEXRaceParts
      My apologies for the delayed response, I am accustomed to the PM interface on most forums. With JRi coilovers you have the benefit of a bit more inner strut clearance, which ultimately allows you to reduce the spacer thickness required up front with the 18x11" ET52.
      Jul 10, 2017
    4. APEXRaceParts
      Due to the character count limits here, I'd like to follow up via email if you don't mind supplying me with your email address. I'd like to revisit your previous correspondence with our staff and follow up with the remainder of your questions. Much appreciated!
      Jul 10, 2017
  10. cobrasc03
    cobrasc03 BOSS302r013
    I had questions about the Cobra R you refrenced recently looking at in some of your postings. Can you contact me directly?
  11. superhero
  12. RD BOSS
    RD BOSS kody
    Hi Kody.
    I know it was an old post, but do you still have the Cortex/Enkei PF01's for sale?
  13. RD BOSS
    Do you still have the schroth harnesses?
  14. RD BOSS
    RD BOSS 06mach1
    Do you still have any of your sub belt mounts available?
  15. mattlqx
    Towing to Austin!
  16. Bill Pemberton
    Bill Pemberton
    Waiting for Lottery win so I can do my track prep
  17. Tob
    Tob Blue__Venum
    Hey Blue.

    Send a note to and we can discuss studs there. Look forward to talking to you.
  18. SavetheManuals
    Going to TNIA @ NJMP 5/10, hit me up if you are going and are interested in meeting up!
  19. Bill Pemberton
    Bill Pemberton
    2017 White GT 350 awaiting Lottery Win for track prep
  20. mattlqx
    Less than a month away from COTA!