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  1. domesticpower
    domesticpower SavetheManuals
    You're @ryan_foisy, right?
    1. SavetheManuals
      That's me!
      Dec 3, 2018
  2. ChuckBilodeau
  3. mustangmike12Boss
    Road trip to VIR for Holiday Run around the track Friday, November 30th. Leaving Thursday for a 7 hour drive to southern Virginia from here
  4. iamsndybch
    2016 Mustang Ecobeat, Turbosmart Blow off valve, SR Performance Lowering Springs, Carbon Fiber Rear Spoiler,
  5. George
    George HR692
    I too am a U.S. Air Force Retired 1999
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  6. acole3
    acole3 Bill Pemberton
    Bill, when will Ford start taking orders for the 2019 GT350?
  7. Robert Valente
  8. PLexo50
    PLexo50 Fabman
    Just like 03GTinFLA, can you please PM me about purchasing backing plates?
  9. Big Black
    Big Black TMSBOSS
    See you're in garage 11. You need anything, lmk we're bringing tires PWC takeoffs 305/680 - 18 and have tools and compressor, jacks, whatever. My names Pete number is (402) 871-7665, Reggie is (402) 651-3606. We are on track also over in garage 3. Good luck, I'm from Ottawa, Ill. so I expect great things from you!
    1. TMSBOSS
      Looking forward to meeting. I am from Steward.
      Sep 11, 2018
  10. OVC DNA
    OVC DNA 11GT50
    Hello GT50, are you on the GT350 PNW mailing/email list? Brian
    1. 11GT50
      No! Are you Brian Bogdon by chance? If so, we spoke at a TNIA event back in July and I have your card sitting next to me on my end table and I never did anything with it. Yes I want to be on that mailing list!
      Sep 10, 2018
  11. Frank.JD.Perez
    breaking things, fixing what was broken, or at work thinking of the two
  12. HardYakka
    Prepping for Sebring...
  13. Bill Pemberton
    Bill Pemberton dz1087
    Have super limited access, at Solo Nationals— call my cell Pensacola ( heh , I am a native Floridian. 402-677-5864
  14. mustangmike12Boss
    Loving this car and enjoying it on track nights at NJMP
  15. Randy Goins
    Randy Goins
    Senior Instructor for Porsche NA and BMW. Retired co-owner OG Raceing team from the last century. Lol I track a 2017 GT350
    1. Randy Goins
      Randy Goins
      Sep 1, 2018
  16. shelbyman1
    2016 GT 350 Track Pak Mostly used for street use but sees the track about 4 times a year.
  17. Batmans5.0
    Batmans5.0 Baliztik
    Hi, I’m interested in the header/x-pipe setup, can you send me some pics to (951)228-6931 please?
  18. Ben C. Ochs Ph. D.
    Ben C. Ochs Ph. D. Admin
    How can I change my name as it appears? I want to get rid of the title.
  19. Ben C. Ochs Ph. D.
    Ben C. Ochs Ph. D. 50Deep
    A friend instructs for Ford Performance Racing in SLC and around the country. Great October 1st event at THill. I have a lot of track time there. Another friend and I are interested in attending the event. My friend is interested in racing; I have 30 years experience racing including 5.0 mustangs. May I get on track with my CTS-V? If not, will there be something for either of us to drive?
  20. dstine4
    Old Springfield Rolls.