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  1. RD BOSS
    RD BOSS 06mach1
    Do you still have any of your sub belt mounts available?
  2. mattlqx
    Towing to Austin!
  3. Bill Pemberton
    Bill Pemberton
    Waiting for Lottery win so I can do my track prep
  4. Tob
    Tob Blue__Venum
    Hey Blue.

    Send a note to and we can discuss studs there. Look forward to talking to you.
  5. SavetheManuals
    Going to TNIA @ NJMP 5/10, hit me up if you are going and are interested in meeting up!
  6. Bill Pemberton
    Bill Pemberton
    2017 White GT 350 awaiting Lottery Win for track prep
  7. mattlqx
    Less than a month away from COTA!
  8. maestromaestro
    maestromaestro VoodooBoss
    Rick - My plan is to be a set of Project 6 wheels - but I don't like the look of the open lug nuts. I see that folks used the stubby open-ended lug nuts (perhaps from the N4Speed people - they offer a set) and put another one on top of that - given how long the R studs are. I could not find a definitive answer on the combo - given the variety "out there" and the varying lenghts. Can you enlighten me? Thanks, M
  9. Flat Plane Sally
    Flat Plane Sally
    OMG, could it be a GT350 for MSRP?
  10. Jeffery Dempsey
    Jeffery Dempsey
    Shopping, shopping, shopping.............
  11. makoskey
    makoskey steeda5
    I was asking about the watts link. My phone number is 402-218-0237. Some pics would be awesome and we can work from there.


    Mark Koskey
  12. cholmes1
    Everyone has a plan...Until they get punched in the face
  13. fuhrius
    did I meet you at a 7-11 just off of 280 in san jose? LS-style wheels and PSS's?
  14. straightliner1
    straightliner1 fuhrius
    Good morning or good day Fuhrious (depending on when you get this message.

    I was going through some older messages in my TMO inbox and noticed one that stood out. It was when I was selling the takeoff parts off my 2013 Grabber Blue Boss. Did you happen to buy the wheels/tires from me? I still remember that meetup but didn't put two and two together until this AM.

    Small world,
  15. Jeffery Dempsey
    Jeffery Dempsey VoodooBoss
    Good morning.

    I picked up my Cortex Racing SA coil over kit yesterday and intend to start the install shortly. I would like to obtain a copy of the spreadsheet you mentioned in the forums pertaining to these suspension set ups. My name is Jeff and my email is

    Thank you
  16. Jeffery Dempsey
    Jeffery Dempsey
    Cortex SA coil overs hopefully going on today
  17. DEye
    DEye jmbboss302
    how did you manage to get all the window stickers ?
    Any way someone might get a copy Of one mailed to them?

    1. jmbboss302
      Mar 23, 2017
  18. shawnhuffman
    shawnhuffman stangfever
    I got a message from another member telling me you were wanting to know if I would be interested in selling some of the FR500S wheels I purchased from him. I am interested as I went in together with a friend of mine who is no longer interested. I currently have 16 wheels, some of which I am going to keep. How many are you wanting to purchase? You can email me at for further discussion.
  19. Christian Hosbach
  20. mattlqx
    Preparing for modz.