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  1. Pbrmeasap
    Pbrmeasap Black Boss
    Hi Nick. Last caught up with you at Sebring this past February. Hope the season has gone well for you so far. I again took your well founded advice and booked Jade Buford for this Saturday at Road Atlanta (fingers crossed for no rain). My first time at the circuit so any suggestions would be welcome - both in terms of the car set-up and working with Jade for a full day. Cheers!
    1. Black Boss
      Black Boss
      It’s a great track, the first few laps can be intimidating. You can drive flat out thru the kink on the back straight, and use the paint marks on the bridge to mark your line into the blind entry to the last turn. Hopefully you have a couple of sessions to get familiar with the track before working with Jade.

      Either way it’s a fantastic track and Jade is a great guy and a good coach.

      Have fun!!! LMK how it goes.
      Jun 19, 2019
  2. Tequestashelby
    Tequestashelby HardYakka
    Hi there I’m in Jupiter Fl with a ‘18 gt 350. Nice to find a south Florida GT350 owner
  3. Crowd Chaser 08
    Crowd Chaser 08
    Married with enough children.
  4. stv_huff
    stv_huff racer47
    Fantastic experience purchasing parts from you. I’ve never seen such care shipping parts. I’m very impressed and extremely appreciative. Thanks again and I look forward to buying more stuff from you when my budget allows.
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  5. Jason Sauriol
    Jason Sauriol StigsBaldBrother
    Hey dude, do you still have the tow hooks available? Let me know as I will buy one. Thanks!
  6. WMR3817
    WMR3817 steveespo
    Sorry to bother you but I've been looking into relocating my battery to my trunk in my 14' GT. I've found some old threads on ideas you had with just running a new positive to the stock location. Did this ever pan out for you? I cannot believe how difficult its been to find people who have successful relocated their battery without running 3 different wires and endless amounts of negative feedback.
  7. Dennis DiLucente
    Dennis DiLucente Narek Nikoghosyan

    Prefer the Kona Blue over my Race Red. Where do you get your side numbers? Also have you found success with them, i.e., lost any at speed on the track?

    Thanks, Dennis DiLucente
  8. crossbones
    crossbones 06mach1
    Hi 06mach1,
    Had the misfortune of a spin at HPDE this past weekend. Just superficial damage but my lower grille guard got bent up. Is this something that will ever be available again for 2012 Boss? Thanks.
    Robert Doswell
  9. Brewmaster
    Brewmaster TymeSlayer
    Is the Boss302Forum still alive? I can’t log on to it any more.

    1. TymeSlayer
      No, it seems to be broken. Not sure it will ever come back.
      Apr 2, 2019
  10. Bjorn Laukenmann
    Bjorn Laukenmann Fabman
    Hi would you be able to make me a dashboard like yours?
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    2. Fabman
    3. Bjorn Laukenmann
      Bjorn Laukenmann
      The later one. The one after your car turned blue. I have a 2008 GT that’s track only and fully gutted like yours.
      Mar 31, 2019
    4. Fabman
      Yes, I could make you one....does your car have a full cage in it?
      Apr 3, 2019
  11. Tkress1
    Parkinson’s Disease has recently changed my life, but I’ll never part with my GT350. I fight for my family, yet my car gives me hope too.
  12. TrakPak97
    Now Santa Rosa Ca.
  13. sccabill53
    sccabill53 5.2 liters of democracy
    Thanks for your getting back to me. I will email Dean as you said. I will see a 2020 GT500 next week at Shelby American in Las Vegas for the Shelby Bash. If the hood is open I can take some measurements. If I have any info will let you know. Would be nice if were to fit.
    What tracks do you go yo?
    1. 5.2 liters of democracy
      5.2 liters of democracy
      I'm really hoping it does. I make it out to Fontana and Willow Springs with the occasional trip to Laguna Seca. Let me know how that Shelby Bash is, I haven't gone before!
      Mar 5, 2019
  14. sccabill53
    sccabill53 5.2 liters of democracy
    Is the CF vent available ? Did that one come from DeBotech?
    1. 5.2 liters of democracy
      5.2 liters of democracy
      If you're asking if I'm selling mine, then currently I would say no. I grabbed one in case the 500 hood doesn't fit the 350. Once I know that, I may sell it.

      That being said, I picked mine up from Dean at KohR Motorsports. You could try shooting him an e-mail to see if he has any others available. I know he mentioned that was the last one in stock, but he could be making more.
      Mar 4, 2019
  15. Tri-bar
    I wish i could but mt computer crashed a couple of weeks ago and looks like I lost a lot. It was one of the files the went bye bye.
  16. jimmybana
    jimmybana steeda5
    Is your Boss engine still available
  17. Joseph Bimbo
    Joseph Bimbo smittytx
    Hey how’s it going I was wondering if you was interested in selling your tr6060 I seen you said on one of the forums that it’s just sitting. If so let me know thanks
  18. cgornowich
    cgornowich Tri-bar
    Hello Tri-bar, I'm also installing the Ford tubular bumper M-17757-MB. It would be awesome if you could send me a copy of the template to The last time I went to an HPDE I throw a couple rods, I want to be ready this tiime... Thanks for your help, Charlie
  19. LS720
    LS720 VoodooBoss
    Cancel my account. I’m sick of receiving garbage ads coming from this site.
  20. James Zimmerman
    James Zimmerman
    Trying to figure out how to post images of the car...