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  1. shawnhuffman
    shawnhuffman stangfever
    I got a message from another member telling me you were wanting to know if I would be interested in selling some of the FR500S wheels I purchased from him. I am interested as I went in together with a friend of mine who is no longer interested. I currently have 16 wheels, some of which I am going to keep. How many are you wanting to purchase? You can email me at for further discussion.
  2. Christian Hosbach
  3. mattlqx
    Preparing for modz.
  4. alatr3on
  5. alatr3on
    alatr3on aopen33
    This is a long shot but I'll try it in case you get an email notification. I'm currently looking into buying a GT350 and there is a used one that I believe used to be yours. I google'd the VIN and it came back to this forum. Did you tune the car? I see it has the JLT Air Intake, so I was curious if you had also tuned it. Thanks for any info!
  6. Fabman
    I'm up and I'm dressed. What more do you want from me...?
  7. Bill Pemberton
    Bill Pemberton
    First Trimester pregnantly waiting for my White GT 350
  8. VoodooBoss
    VoodooBoss mattlqx
    I wish. My parts still aren't in for my oil line replacement.
  9. GOT SVT
    The Boss
  10. mattlqx
    Next track day this Sunday 3/12!
  11. buland
    Waiting for Spring :-)
  12. ArizonaBOSS
    AKA: ArizonaBOSS
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    2. VoodooBoss
      Do you want the Boss in your user name in all caps?
      Mar 5, 2017
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    3. ArizonaBOSS
      Yes, please :)
      Mar 6, 2017