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1996 Mustang Profile

1996 Mustang


Specs & Mods

Ownership Status
Currently Own
Mods - Handling
Lowered with modified Bilsteens, revalved with 40mm inners. 6 pot Wilwood Superlites 13in with Hawk DTC70's, tightened diff, all bushes done, rear wing, standard wheels, semi-slicks, brake cooling ducts, lightened over 100kgs, Maximum Motorsports cross brace, short shift.
Mods - Power
BBK intake, 3 in radiator, aircon delete, all smog and air injection gubbins removed, all cats removed, long tube headers, M&H mufflers to keep it legal(ish).
Mods - Exterior
Wing, stripes currently white, roof lightbar (for my Targa official role), siren, RallySafe aerials, Hella driving lights,
Mods - Interior
Full high end cage, Beltenick 6pt HANS spec harnesses, OMP HTE400 seats, OMP Rally 330mm suede steering wheel with Sabelt GpN quick release, RallySafe mounts and Monit, Uniden DFR9 radar detector hard wired, 2 way radio. All carpet, roof linings, stereos etc removed. Terraphone intercom and an extra rear view mirror for the co-driver.
Background & Plans
This car was initially built up by Mike Johns of Drury Auckland when he started Targa NZ to be used as a Zero Car (safety car). I purchased it about 2010 to use as a race car and to do Targa Tour events. I have since modified it fairly extensively. It still has the 0TARGA personalised numberplate.

I currently race in local sprint series (6 to 12 laps) mainly at Highlands Motorsport Park (google that, it's awesome) and I am now an official with Targa NZ, doing either Tour Midpoint which is corraling, training and keeping safe the Targa Tour (non-competitive high speed tour on closed roads) event or as a Zero Car when required.

Most recent work has been done by Macbilt of Wellington but I do much of the work myself on my home hoist down in Arrowtown, NZ.

Plans are to continue with more of the same. I also have a 2011 GT in Kona Blue with white stripes that is my sunday car.
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