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2019 Mustang GT350 Profile

2019 Mustang
GT350 HPDE/Track -  (2019 Magnetic GT350 (going into Version 2.0))

2019 Magnetic GT350 (going into Version 2.0)

Specs & Mods

Ownership Status
Currently Own
S550 Model
GT350 #
Mods - Handling
Klassen wheels m03 (rain),
Apex 19x11.5 square 305 F1 3R
Apex 19x11 square 305 Michelin PSC2 (track)
Apex 19x11 square toyo rr 295/30
OP GT4 studs front/rear
Pagid 29 front rear with op titanium shims
Full SPL GT350 catalog
Full Tilt Boogie upper control arms and dif bushings
cortex rear bushing
FRPP blue subframe bushings
MCS 2 way with remote reservoirs with ohlins module
Vorshlag upper coil over camber plates
Goodridge stainless breaklines
Mods - Power
Ford Performance left and right oil seperators,
Lethal Performance resonator delete,
DSS Aluminum driveshaft
Archetype warthog
Dyme psi cross over oil tubes
Mgw shifter
Mods - Exterior
Archetype Racing tempeste 2.0 front splitter
Kohr Racing diveplanee
FRPP tow hook front/rear
FRRP fp350s wing (Temporary)
Trackspec hoodvent
Mods - Interior
Harness brackets Sparco point
cool tech roll bar
Sparco halo seat, sparco pass seat
ugr pedals with 1’’ gas width, interior removed
aim pro 2 dl
Background & Plans
Waiting on: Archetype Racing swan wing with AC dry carbon trunk, diffuser, GT4 vent hood
Future: carbon doors, race interior, cage, AP brakes with 18’’ rims
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