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2020 Mustang GT350 Vehicle Profile & Build Thread
Road Race 

2020 Ford Mustang
GT350 specs, lap times, build thread

2020 Heritage GT350R

Specs & Mods

Lap times
Ownership Status
Currently Own
S550 Model
GT350 #
Mods - Handling
Steeda Sub frame alignment kit ordered
Steeda Vertical links ordered
Steeda Road Race K member (around 25lb savings) ordered
Steeda IRS support brace ordered
Steeda Rear toe links ordered
Steeda Rear adjustable camber arms. ordered
Steeda Jacking rails ordered
Steeda Adjustable Caster Camber Plates ordered
Steeda Intake Heat Shielding ordered
Mods - Power
None yet...

MPR Race Engine being built
Twin turbo setup coming
Mods - Exterior
None yet...

I want the madness auto works gt350 Carbon hood
And Carbon deck lid
Mods - Interior
Competition Motorsports Roll bar
RGS harness
Billetworx shifter knob
Background & Plans
I’m going full on into my GT350R. I debated allot of different setups and directions to go with this. And like most any build this extensive, it’s subject to changes along the way and will most certainly take months and months of testing along the way to get the car “dialed” in. I’m still in allot of research phase. I’ve been in the mopar world for the past 3 years and haven’t been back to mustangs for a while. Half mile and 1/4 mile have been fun. But ever since my dad bought me the two day Ford performance driving school, I got the road race bug.

I am going to road race this car. Locally here in Palm beach they have the Palm beach Driving Club. This gets us on the track every week for 4 hours to run as hard as we want. It’s a 2 mile track and there are a bunch of Porches and other exotics to play with. I’m in the process of getting my competition license with SCCA, im in the very beginning stages of that. Will be lots of fun. Don’t know much about the types of classes etc, and also NASA has a cool Florida chapter that I want to check out. The car will have fun on the street as well. Although I already have a Hellcat running 1000 whp on street setup now and a terminator as well. So this GT350R won’t get tons of street mileage.

I want to keep weight as low as possible. So I will be measuring these parts along with the stock components to see where the gains and loss is at. Ultimately I hope to complete this build and at the least I want to remain back at stock weight.

As for power levels, I do not plan on high boosting the car for the track. For track I don’t see the need for more than 650-750 whp. I would like to get it around 650-700 to start and work up from there. The idea is a very solid powerband and turbos that bring the power on smooth. Tuning will be key, and I have a good Tuner who has done some other cars of mine.
  • BB03A1B9-60D2-490E-AD6F-D70DFCB78358.jpeg
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