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2014 Mustang GT 5.0L Vehicle Profile & Build Thread

2014 Ford Mustang
GT 5.0L specs, lap times, build thread


Specs & Mods

Lap times
Ownership Status
Currently Own
S197 Model
GT 5.0L
Mods - Handling
SUSPENSION -------------------------
-WR Teknica race-spec corner balance & alignment
-Penske/Cortex DA struts
-Penske 8300DA rear coilovers
-Vorshlag Camber Plates
-Ford Racing Boss 302s front lower control arms
-Ford Racing front bearing hubs w/ARP studs
-Ford Racing bumpsteer correction tie rod ends
-Cortex Watts Link
-Cortex track LCA's w/relocation brackets
-Whiteline Max-C UCA
-J&M chassis side UCA mount
-Steeda UCA spherical bearing - differential side
-Cortex fabricated quick-change rear sway bar
-Whiteline front sway bar & end links
-Boss 302 Torsen differential
-FRPP 4.10 rear gear set
-Bob’s Machine “KR” style axle reservoir/breather
-S550 Performance Pack front Calipers
-Boss 302S ABS Control Module
-Girodisc GT500 380mm front rotors
-Girodisc GT500 13.8" rear rotors
-Blowfish GT500 aluminum rear caliper bracket
-G-LOC R18 front/R12 rear
-Optimum Performance titanium pad shims
-Wilwood EXP600 PLUS brake fluid
-Boss 302S 3” brake cooling inlets
-Fabman 3” brake cooling backing plates
WHEELS -------------------------
-APEX EC-7's 19x11 ET52
-Goodyear SuperCar 3R - 305/30-19
-APEX EC-7’s 18x11 ET52
-Hoosier A7 - 315/30-18
-APEX SM-10’s 18x11 ET52
-Continental ECF - 315/30-18
-Cortex 25mm hub centric spacers
-3" ARP studs on the rear axle
Mods - Power
ENGINE -----------------------
-Ford Performance Gen 3 block
-Mahle 12:1 forged pistons
-Manley H-beam rods
-Clevite 77 rod & main bearings
-MHS PAC Stage 2 5.0L Coyote Valve Springs
-MHS 4130 Chrome Moly Retainers
-MMR 5.0L Coyote Viton Valve Seals
-MMR aluminum timing chain guides
-FRPP GT500 aluminum oil pan
-MMR GT500 oil pump gears
-Boundary billet crankshaft sprocket
-FRPP GT500 aluminum cam covers
-BOSS 302 Intake manifold
-FRPP 47# injectors-E85 conversion
-Watson Racing oil breather
-Archetype Racing oil balancing lines
-Fluidyne 3 row/3 pass radiator
-FRPP GT500 H/O water pump
-FRPP GT500 fan assembly
-Setrab 948 oil cooler
-BOSS 302 alternator
-AED dyno tune
-Tremec Magnum XL
-Exedy Hyper-Single clutch
-Kohr aluminum slave spacer w/short GT500 slave
-GT500 clutch master cylinder
-MGW short throw shifter
-Dynatech aluminum driveshaft
-Shelby transmission cooler scoop
-Shelby iso-clutch remote reservoir
-FRPP stainless clutch line
-Maximum Motorsports adjustable clutch pedal stop
EXHAUST ----------------------
-Hooker Blackheart 1-3/4" long tube headers
-Flowmaster Outlaw 3" Cat-Back w/X-Pipe
Mods - Exterior
-TrackSpec hood vent louvers
-Race Louvers RX Extreme center vents
-AeroCatch hood pins
-FRPP front tubular crash bar and tow hook
-Boss 302S grill
-Racebred Components splitter
-Kazespec Engineering chassis mounts
-Professional Awesome quick release brackets
-Professional Awesome support rods
-APR GT-250 rear wing
-Singular Motorsports wing end plates
-FRPP rear tow hook
-Steeda jacking rails
Mods - Interior
-Xineering downshift blip module
-TrackSpec Motorsports full roll cage
-Sparco race seats & brackets
-Sparco 6pt harnesses
-@06mach1 lap & sub mounts
-OMP Super Quadro steering wheel
-NRG SFI quick release hub and column adapter
-Blowfish fire extinguisher bracket
Background & Plans
In January 2019, we hosted a work meeting at the BMW Performance Center West driving school in Thermal, CA. After 2 lead/follow sessions on the South Palms circuit in an M4 Competition, I was officially hooked and knew that I needed more track time. Being a life-long Ford nut, there was no doubt that my track toy would have to be a Mustang. So glad I stayed true to my blue-oval roots, as these Mustangs get point-by's from M4's like its their job!

I lucked out and found this car very early in my search with numerous mods already completed. Met the owner, who is a very meticulous technician by trade. He took me for a test ride (I was too chicken to drive it on the street), and the rest is history. Future plans include track time, more track time and enjoying the hell out of the time spent with the great people that I've met at the track.

  • IMG_4908.JPG
  • Yellow Group-Turns 9 and 10 (1145am)-CVR_5178_1152_Mar1520_CaliPhoto.jpg
  • Yellow Group-Turns 9 and 10 (1145am)-CVR_5637_1159_Mar1520_CaliPhoto.jpg
  • IMG_4933.JPG
  • IMG_4935.JPG
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  • 939C5A13-0AE4-479E-9E12-1EE05B40E931.jpeg
  • 8043C36F-113B-40EC-A63B-7C5ABC408709.jpeg
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