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2005 Mustang GT_46L Profile

2005 Mustang
GT_46L HPDE/Track -  (A Canadian Mustang in Texas)

A Canadian Mustang in Texas

Specs & Mods

Ownership Status
Currently Own
S197 Model
GT 4.6L
Mods - Handling
Whiteline front and rear sway bars, springs and panhard bar, Koni Orange shocks, Vorshlag Camber plates, Apex 18x11s with 315 Falken 615k+, Ford Racing front hubs with ARP studs, BMR rear adjustable lower control arms (poly), BMR non-adjustable lower control arms (poly), Brembo six piston front brakes from S550 with GLoc G12 pads on Girodisc rotors, GT500 13.8 rear brakes with Gloc G10 pads on Stoptech rotors.
Mods - Power
JLT Series 3 Cold Air Intake, Bama Tune
Mods - Exterior
Cervini ram air hood, Roush Spoilers, Cervini (MDT) rear louvers, speed dimples (hail damage), TruFiber Carbon Fiber trunk.
Mods - Interior
Recaro Seats from 2011 Mustang, Garmin Catalyst, CGLoc
Background & Plans
I bought the car new in 2005 and drove it every day. When I moved to Texas from Ontario Canada in 2015, I could not leave it behind. In late 2019, a buddy invited me to try a weekend HPDE at a local track and I was instantly hooked. I love this car and fully know that it would be cheaper to buy a new one. Up until now I've been replacing worn out, rusty components as they fail and working on getting more seat time. Pretty much everything between the chassis and the pavement has been replaced at this point.

My goal is to make my Mustang a bulletproof, fast car that is street legal and still looks mean and start doing time trials.
✔️ Apex 18x11s (square) with 285 200TW tires (actually went 315)
✔️ 6 piston Brembos in the front with Girodisc rotors (have the calipers but they don't fit with my current wheels)
- Maximum Motorsports Roll bar and six point harnesses (looking for options - let me know if you have recommendations)
✔️ Trufiber fenders and junkyard door replacement
- New steering wheel
- EPAS conversion
- Department of Boost GT450 with 30GPM cooling setup
- Finish pulling out hail dents
- get the car wrapped or painted
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