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Boss 302 in Chile

Specs & Mods

Ownership Status
I own it
S197 Model
Boss 302
Boss 302 #
Mods - Handling
Cortex extreme Koni coilovers track. 500#/300# springs. Bmr front sway bar, bmr LCA with brackets converted to spherical. 18mm rear bar, Spherical UCA, Apex 18x11 ET52mm wheels with R7 315/30-18 square. S550 PP 15" brakes, Pagid RST-3 pads. Brake ducts. 3.73 rear end, Torsen Boss 302 dif. Castrol SRF. Spherical stock front control arms.
Mods - Power
Gen1 coyote, ported 330 cfm heads, Boss valve springs, 37.3mm/31.8mm valves. JLT CAI, VMP 67mm twin TB, Cobrajet manifold, LM intake only cams. WIseco +2cc pistons, K1 rods, Boss 302 crank. Boundary oil pump gear. Setrab 915 & 925 oil coolers. Mishimoto rad. Modified Kooks headers with race collector, Custom 3" exhaust and Xpipe. Calimer Stage 3 forged internals MT82, 14L oil pan (with oil coolers), Spec 3 clutch/light flywheel. AED Tuna magic.
Mods - Exterior
Extra size plywood splitter back past oil pan, 9 Lives rear wing with extra large end plates. Hood louvers
Mods - Interior
Maximum Motorsports 6 pt roll bar. Modified with front pillars and halo cross bar. Side bars, extended furthur away from driver. Corbeau and OMP race seats. 6 jet Sparco fire system.
Background & Plans
To surpise and shame unsuspecting GT3's

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