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"Chris' 351w Swapped 1995" Profile - SN95 Mustangs

Chris' 351w Swapped 1995 Vehicle Profile - SN95 Mustangs

Specs & Mods

Ownership Status
I own it
Mods - Handling
Steeda Ultralite 18" wheels
275/35/18 Nexen N7000s
Steeda Lowering Springs 555-8200 (650/250lb)
Tokico Illumina Adjustable Shocks
Steeda Subframe Connectors
Steeda Front and Rear Swaybars
Steeda Aluminum Radiator
Steeda Rear Control Arms
Steeda Offset A-Arm Bushings
Steeda Battery Relocation Kit
2000 Cobra R Brembo Brakes
Raybestos ST47 Pads (Front)
O'Reilly Auto Parts Rotors
Wilwood 570 Brake Fluid
Russell Speed Bleeders
Tremec TR-3550 Transmission
Aluminum FRPP Driveshaft and Loop
3.73 Rear Gears
Steeda Tri-Ax Shifter
Steeda Adjustable Clutch Cable, Quadrant, and Firewall Adjuster
Mods - Power
351W + .030” overbore = 357 cu in.
11:1 compression
Aluminum Windsor Sr Heads. 200cc intake runners. 2.02/1.6 valves.
Crower 1.6 ratio roller rockers on exhaust
Crane 1.7 ratio roller rockers on intake.
Victor Jr. single plane intake.
BBK 1-¾” Long Tubes
BBK X Pipe
Flowmasters, Dumped
Holley Sniper EFI
Holley Hyperspark Distributor
Holley Hyperspark Ignition Box
Holley Hyperspark Coil
Taylor Spiro-Pro 8mm Wires
Autolite 24 Plugs
AEM 10-1005 Fuel Pump
Sumped/Baffled Tank
Aeromotive 13129 Bypass Regulator
Aeromotive ORB-10 Fuel Filters
Mods - Exterior
Cowl Hood
Mods - Interior
All stock (for now)
Background & Plans
I bought this car my sophomore year of college from my dad with a 302 dirt track motor. I managed to blow that up and swapped a pretty fun little 351w into it. I haven't been able to track it before this year. I have been to 3 AutoX events and attended the Mid-America Ford and Shelby Meet last week at Hallett.

I have a lot of big plans for this car! I am going to be installing some Maximum Motorsports parts in the near future. I already have a lot done to the suspension (actually, most of it was installed by the previous owner), but after AutoCrossing and tracking it, it's not what I want for what is essentially a "track only" car. The mostly-Steeda suspension works fine as a street car, but it has a few issues I need to work out. Lazy steering, nosedive under heavy braking, etc.

Planning to go to full MM K Member, control arms, and coilovers in front. MM Steering Shaft, bumpsteer kit, solid rack bushings.
Full MM kit in the rear, coilovers, upper/lower shock mounts, torque arm, and panhard bar.
Will be installing a roll cage (10 point, most likely). Corbeau LG-1 seats (I'm a big dude), 5 point harnesses, Ford Racing Alcantara steering wheel with quick release.
Bridgestone Potenza RE-71Rs in 275/35/18 for AutoCross.
SVE S350 10" wheels with 315/30/18 NT01s (or similar good tires) for track days.
Hood vents to help cooling. Fender Flares in the rear. I REALLY want the G Stream SN95 Widebody Kit for the front, but I have a feeling that's gonna be further down the road.

The car is pretty street friendly right now as far as the suspension and tires go, but it's too much engine for the street and get's terrible mileage, so I don't drive it often anyway. I've been on the fence about changing anything on the suspension to make it less streetable. But I found a really good deal on a metal trailer with a box and tire rack on the front. So I will be able to haul the car to AutoX events and track days. Part of my plan is to get spares for the more-likely-to-fail parts (fuel pump, coil, spark plugs, rotors, pads, radiator hoses, etc) and carry them with me to track days. If I pay $600 for a track day and can't run because a $150 fuel pump died and I can't get a replacement or have to spend half the track day reengineering the fuel system to make an AutoZone pump work...well, that doesn't really make much sense does it? Better to have the likely to fail parts handy.

My dad and older brother went in together to buy a Ford GT, which they got in February. So they're hoping to make it to COTA next year with it, and I'm planning to take my car, too. I am also wanting to get to some other good tracks around me, like Barber, Eagle Canyon, Cresson, etc. In the meantime, I am going to stick to AutoX...mainly so I have the money to do my big plans!

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