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2013 Mustang V6 Vehicle Profile & Build Thread

2013 Ford Mustang
V6 specs, lap times, build thread


Specs & Mods

Ownership Status
Currently Own
S197 Model
Mods - Handling
Stock GT 13.2” Brakes
Stock GT Struts & Shocks w/ GT Springs
GT Sway Bars Front & Rear
18x10 Square - SVE Drifts
285/35/18 Federal ST-1
Mods - Power
Race Tune
3.73 Ford Racing Gears
Roush Axle-Back Exhaust
Mods - Exterior
CDC Upper Grille
GT Lower Grille
Boss 302 Chin Splitter
Mods - Interior
Factory Recaro Seats
Background & Plans
I first got this car in 2015 as an early graduation gift. It had 22,000 miles. It‘s stuck with me through high school, to college, to getting married, moving out of state, and now with my son riding in his car seat. I’ve grown up with a love for cars and modding thanks to my grandpa. Though it’s a V6 (until this motor quits on me. In that case, it’ll be a V8, but don’t tell anyone) my goal is to have a fun dual purpose daily. Good, tasteful mods both functional and non-functional 😅 And some for the pure reason that I like the way it looks…like wheel spats, do I need wheel spats. No. Do they look cool as heck? YES.
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  • 49D74223-E2F5-4ABE-80AC-C552C22E8D61.jpeg
  • EA430143-3154-4B82-ABB2-2DBFE6B8BBAE.jpeg
  • 590D0045-2FE6-4B0C-8552-AD2761590E45.jpeg
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