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2017 Mustang GT350 Vehicle Profile & Build Thread

2017 Ford Mustang
GT350 specs, lap times, build thread

Forging the hammer of Thor

Specs & Mods

Ownership Status
Currently Own
S550 Model
GT350 #
Mods - Handling
BMR Springs, BMR IRS Lockout Kit, Steeda Rear Toe Arm, R rear sway bar, APEX Wheels 19x11’s, Michelin PS4S 305/30-19 squared.
Mods - Power
JLT Intake, Lund Tune
Background & Plans
This car was purchase from the original owner at approximately 8K miles, in Germany. He purchased it through the Military Auto Sales program, which sells and legally imports cars to military members stationed overseas. The window sticker implies this was one of 7 “imports” for that year.
  • 1D60DEC3-C5BC-4453-91D1-12E53005C88F.jpeg
  • 52C6071F-20F4-4228-AF7C-532EAF2FC179.jpeg
  • DC043106-996E-45F4-8440-53DB042FB695.jpeg
  • 58A54E26-04FA-4372-AA60-0914A039C446.jpeg
  • 5C116320-2BFD-464A-AD36-3BC00FB71186.jpeg
  • 660A95DB-9957-46B5-AABD-B86F9A7E3506.jpeg
  • 8777E6E7-20E4-40DA-AEC4-D1B467DC88BA.jpeg
  • C8690FC7-00B4-4ABE-88A6-EBCB1AA6A781.jpeg
  • 8AD93B7D-697E-41B8-91C5-5B3CFF687D29.jpeg
  • E7BA7458-B111-4F17-9086-07D52800944F.jpeg
  • 98A4456D-90DE-4E26-B757-80B984613A03.jpeg
  • 9A1BEBF5-038C-4DF6-8811-B51B35D9F331.jpeg
  • 8686CA50-FB04-4413-9FF3-1F5F664E774A.jpeg
  • 2B290A9F-A08A-493A-884B-C975FB6077AE.jpeg
  • FDED747A-656F-4444-B964-6FF9DBBBC411.jpeg
  • ADDD9440-CAFD-4874-9C43-35C4848B4508.jpeg
  • 41619424-FC22-4CF7-B6ED-E0D2A08E8BE1.jpeg
  • 2425C958-C73C-4ED2-BE7D-F337DDCF9C75.jpeg
  • C8C26B1D-18A3-4595-BE53-C91A1C620B45.jpeg

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