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HPDE/Track GTP 5.0

Specs & Mods

S550 Model
Mods - Handling
BMR-CB005R, BMR-CB762R, BMR-SPH765R, MM Camber plates
Mods - Power
Mods - Exterior
Mods - Interior
Background & Plans
Old timer Mustang guy. First car was a 1968 GT Fastback J-code. Drag raced in HS, but got the road race bug attending the 1983 IMSA race at Road America where the new Mustang GTP's debuted and won ... there's been no looking back since. Several Mustang's/years laters ...

Started AutoX in the late 80's and captured a regional ESP championship with an 85 1/2 SVO. Tried my 1st road course in the early to mid 90's with an 88 Saleen when the Norwood's Region SAAC would still do a time trial type event and placed 3rd overall. Once again hooked, but marriage took over, then set me free again and here I am.

A lot of time passed as well as lost knowledge and experience, but I decided to buy something unique as I try to do without breaking the bank. A GT350 was planned, but I couldn't part with the money while being this close to retirement. Next option was the GT PP2 which was a nice compromise, so I set about finding one of the first available.

I just happened upon an ad for a PP2 in May of 2018 for a dealer in Cincinnati OH. After several conversations we made a deal and I set out on a 700 mile journey to sign the paperwork and have the car shipped back to MN.

Since that time have done a few light suspension mods, but want to keep with the factory warranty, so I'll limit it to that for the time being.

Road America is in my sights again for the first time in 25 years.

Going forward, I plan a few more suspension mods and perhaps moving to full length headers and E85 as it is so readily available in this area.

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