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1971 Mustang Profile

1971 Mustang
(Mach 1)

Mach 1

Specs & Mods

Ownership Status
Currently Own
Gen 1 Model
Mach 1
Mods - Handling
Factory 3/4” front & rear sway bars. Factory front air dam and rear spoiler. Kyb shocks. Poly bushings
Mods - Power
Holly Sniper EFI, Hyperspark ignition.
Mods - Exterior
Background & Plans
We bought this ‘71 a couple of years ago from a guy who couldn’t get it running. It had been in storage since 1993. My wife calls it “our date night car” This is a true M code Mach 1with 351C Ram Air, Trac-loc 9” with 3:55 gears.
Over the years, we’ve owned more than 30 classic Fords and this is the 1st with special features like “power steering” lol. It also has AC, power disc brakes and rear defogger. We added a Holley Sniper system for drivability and Our next job is replacing the worn out C6 with a TCI package with 11” converter and cooler. Although it looks big, at 3660 lbs. it’s still lighter than our S550. Ford says the M code 351 made 300HP/385TQ .
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