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2020 Mustang GT500 Profile

2020 Mustang


Specs & Mods

Ownership Status
Currently Own
S550 Model
Mods - Handling
All mods are from Steeda; caster camber plates, IRS alignment kit, IRS subframe support braces, IRS subframe support bushings, adjustable rear toe links, vertical links, rear adjustable camber arms, jacking rails, differential bushings.
Mods - Power
None yet
Mods - Exterior
Set of chromed base GT500 wheels for backup track and road use. Waiting on a set of Vossen M-X2 gloss black wheels
Mods - Interior
Competition Motorsports roll bar, Shelby racing harnesses, wiring and radio box for Motorola radio communications while on track, garmin catalyst.
Background & Plans
Bought this as my 60th bday present to myself! Had just planned to enjoy it............but then on Black Friday I bought the following: (bought all of this before I decided to track the car)
American racing headers, Jokers ported blower, JLT CAI, VMP upgraded brick, ID 1300 injectors, ATI 10% super damper, 2.85 Griptec pulley, HP Tuner, JMS BAPx2, NGK 6510, Fuel rails, VMP 105mm throttle body.
My son has the 2020 GT350R Heritage package. He’s on this site as Hangman77, he and I track our cars at least once a week at PBIR, Homestead or Sebring. It’s been a blast. And my GT500 has only seen track time. My car has 700 miles and all but 70-80 miles are on a racetrack.
Was to go on e85 with the mods above, but now the focus is on track events and as most are aware the GT500 is THIRSTY!! At PBIR I get about 22-24 minutes before heading in for fuel. Sebring I was able to run 26-28 min sessions. So.....e85 is out the window. Now the focus will be cooling mods. I will add the headers, CAI, VMP brick and some of the other mods, but not sure just yet. I will switch to race gas and decide from there.
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