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1994 Mustang Profile

1994 Mustang
AutoX -  (RinerAutomotive's CAM-T Mustang)

RinerAutomotive's CAM-T Mustang

Specs & Mods

Ownership Status
Currently Own
Mods - Handling
Sway Bar: Steeda
Strut: OEM 03-04 Cobra Bilstein
Spring: H&R Super Race (950-1050 lb/in)
Alignment: MM CC plates 2.5* Camber, 7* Caster, 0 Toe
K-Member: Stock
A-Arms: Stock
Bushings: GobalWest aluminum delrin a-arm bushings, aluminum steering rack bushings
Bumpsteer: MM bumpsteer bolt through kit
Front Stiffening: strut tower brace
Ball joint: Steeda extended
Brake: Cobra 13" with Carbotech AX pads

Rear (Solid Axle)
Sway Bar: 23mm
Shock: MM2 Bilstein with MMCO-3 coil-over kit
Spring: Hypercoil 300# coil-over spring
LCA: MM HD Non-adjustable
Panhard Bar: MM
Torque Arm: MM
Brakes: Cobra 11" with Carbotech AX pads

Kansei KNP 18x10.5 +12mm with 1/2" spacer
Falken RT660 315/30/18
Mods - Power
Bottom end: stock 302
Heads: Trickflow 170cc 11r (SN 35274-07)
Intake: Holley Systemax
Trottle Body: BBK 75mm with Trickflow SN95 adapter
Cam: Anderson N41
Injectors: Bosch 30 lb/hr
Mass Air Meter: Pro-M 75mm 30lb cal
Fuel Pressure Regulator: Adjustable set to 40 psi
Timing Chain: Comp Cam double roller chain and sprocket
Valvetrain: Scorpion 1.6 roller rockers
Push Rods: Trickflow hardened
Valve Covers: Ford Racing tall covers
Headers: BBK shorty unequal
Mods - Exterior
DIY Vinyl Wrap in Nardo Grey
Race Louvers
Homemade aluminium spoiler
Homemade front splitter with Professional Awesome Racing splitter rods
Mods - Interior
"Finished" interior
Corbeau FX1 Pro Seats and 5 point harness
Momo steering wheel
Homemade rear seat delete
HVAC and radio stripped out
4pt Roll bar (weld-in)
Background & Plans
I bought the car in 2011 as a base model V6, which had a seized engine. I promptly swapped in a pushrod 5.0 and took it autocrossing. The suspension has slowly been upgraded over the years. The originally plan for the car was NASA CMC series. But now I'm happy just autocrossing the car. I'll probably end up doing some track days with it. Recently became eligible for antique plates, so I was able to move to the SCCA CAM class. I'm never looking back, this class is amazing. I also plan to take it to some car shows, but it's main function is racing. In it's current form it will never be a street cruiser and don't have plans to maker it more streetable. The main goal of the car is to show that mustangs can handle and be quite competitive.

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