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2016 Mustang GT350 Vehicle Profile & Build Thread

2016 Ford Mustang
GT350 specs, lap times, build thread

The Shi%^y Mustang

Specs & Mods

Ownership Status
Currently Own
S550 Model
GT350 #
Mods - Handling
* Ground Control height adjustable spriings
* Steeda camber plates
* Girodisc rotors Padig Pads
* Caliperfection brake studs,
* Cortex adjustable rear toe links & vertical links
* 19x 10 Signature wheels (2 sets) and R spec signature wheels to drive car to see the Dr when needed.
Mods - Power
no need to mod the engine
oil separators
resonator delete
AWE remote exhaust controller
Cool air box cover built by Trent Musser.
Mods - Exterior
Carbon to Carbon R spec splitter
MMR GT4 wang with 7" uprights.
Anderson composite deck lid
Anderson composites hood with trackspec center vent
ARP studs
Exhibition of Speed titanium lug nuts
Ceramic Coat
Full PPF
Verus diffuser
Some dumb sticker I put on to remind other people not to be a "dipshit". HAHA you'll have to see it to understand
Mods - Interior
Watson 4 point
FP rear seat delete
Schroth 6 point harnesses
Alcantara shift,& e-brake boot, & center console cover
Carbon fiber steering wheel
Some dumb stickers I put in there to remind myself not to be a dumbass. HAHA once you see you'll get it.
Background & Plans
As most of the older TMO members know this was @VodooBoss' GT350. I got lucky and had the opportunity to buy it literally a couple days before I was going to add about 15K in performance mods on my 2013 Boss 302. Well VoodooBoss and I talked and he stated something like, "Once you put all that money into your Boss you might have a GT350." So we agreed on a price and a deal was made.

Since we all know he is an avid track day "celebrity" the car was set up to track but a few of the items where removed, (autoblip Watson bar, harnesses, etc). Not a big deal because I planned on putting those items back in and fortunately for me the car was pre-drilled for the Watson bar, and the connectors where in place for the auto blip. That made my life very easy. So for the past two years she still has no name besides maybe, "Ricks old car" But I have added my touches to it and we have been hitting up tracks ever since then.

AND I know my directional rims and numbers are on backwards. Its like that for a reason. :)
  • 1BC1F43D-24ED-4BB0-A2F1-7AA3F1E54007.jpeg
  • 9F8DC5C6-9022-4504-91CF-5D6FE6BD7529.jpeg
  • B6E91CD9-576B-4DC9-85EC-1FBE34D9AA7D.jpeg
  • E875BFE8-9F71-4BCC-8518-899D53D9DE8A_1_105_c.jpeg
  • A1D26A4A-E691-4BF0-BF10-782D4ED27F40_1_105_c.jpeg
  • 7D96A77A-95F1-429F-BA41-255A12D7DB8E_1_105_c.jpeg
  • 3E5F2061-E624-4E93-9311-B530467F7AE6_1_105_c.jpeg
  • 20180701_192301.jpg
  • IMG_25691.jpg
  • 20180425_202033.jpg
  • 20190510_150733.jpg
  • 20190510_150821.jpg
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  • GBME7007.jpg
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  • 20220501_210137.jpg
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