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The Sublime Lime

Specs & Mods

S197 Model
GT 5.0L
Mods - Handling
Apex 19x10 SM-10 ET40 (285/35/19)
Ford Racing adjustable shocks and struts
Ford Racing T-springs
Ford Racing Boss 302S rear lower control arms
Ford 22mm rear sway bar
Ford GT500 14" rear rotors using the adapter brackets
Ford trans air scoop
Maximum Motorsports caster-camber plates
Maximum Motorsports adjustable pan-hard bar
G-Loc R12 front pads
Blowfish Racing brake duct kit
Mods - Power
Ford Boss 302 side exhaust w/ restrictor plates removed
Ford GT500 quad-tip axle-backs
JLT catch cans
Mods - Exterior
Ford GT/CS wing
Ford Boss 302 grille
Ford Racing Boss 302 LS lower grille
Ford GT500 rear valance
OEM hood vent's honeycomb grille removed
Mods - Interior
Ford Racing rear cross brace
Boss 302 Recaro seats (modified to be powered and heated)
Watson Racing 4-point bolt-in cage
Barton short throw shifter
A lot of removed interior panels and sound deadening
Background & Plans
My car started its life as a GT premium with nearly every option but Recaros and a glass-roof, but it has quickly turned into a project to test my girlfriend's patience with me. Jokes aside, I want to see how far I can safely push the limits of a daily-driven car, while also keeping it inconspicuous on the outside. The reason my cage is competition orange, is because I impulsively bought it off a stranger (and now good friend), who was converting his Boss 302 into a track-only car and I loved how it looked with Gotta Have It Green. It oozed tropical vibes and the 1970's, which is why I have dubbed my car, 'The Sublime Lime'.

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