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2006 Mustang GT 4.6L Vehicle Profile & Build Thread

2006 Ford Mustang
GT 4.6L specs, lap times, build thread

Whitestripe (2006 Mustang GT)

Specs & Mods

Ownership Status
Currently Own
S197 Model
GT 4.6L
Mods - Handling
Suspension: FRPP P Springs, adjustable shocks front/rear, 35mm front sway bar, adjustable panhard bar.
Brakes: Ford Racing 14 inch Brembo Brake kit, GLOC GS-1 pads (street) R-10 Pads front (Track)
Vorshlag Braided Brake Lines (front and rear)
Vorshlag 3 inch oval brake duct backing plates with fabricated brake duct inlets
Motul RBF 600 BF
Wheels/Tires: APEX EC-7's (18x10 ET 40) & Hankook RS4's (275 square)
Mods - Power
MAC Axle Back Exhaust
Mods - Exterior
Shorty Antennae
Halo Fog Lights
Mods - Interior
Rear Seat Delete
Background & Plans
I guess I'll begin by saying that I have always been an American car diehard. My obsession began with driving and restoring my Grandfather's 1930 Model A coupe with my brother and Father in the late 2000's as well as my Father's avid following of American short track oval racing. This is my second mustang. My first was a 2007 GT/CS in black that my twin brother and I bought and shared in High School/Early college. Eventually we bought my brother his own car (Black Honda S2000) as I effectively bought his share out of the mustang we had shared up to that point. We like so many naive young people had extensively modified the car without an end goal in mind. We touched nearly everything on the car. We added new sway bars, lower control arms, strut tower brace, panhard bar, lowering springs, koni shocks, camber bolts, performance bushings, rotors/pads, wheels/tires, CAI, TB spacer, BAMA tuner, exhaust, you name it. With that being said, the car drove surprisingly well and I was committed to gaining seat time at local track events throughout my state (CA) as I neared college graduation. Unfortunately the car was vandalized and declared a total loss by my insurance company. With the insurance check in hand I decided that I wanted to go in a different direction as the mustang had been the only car I had ever owned. I looked pretty heavily into BMW's in the following couple of years as I began my career and nearly purchased a few e46 M3's and also an S52 M Coupe but just could never commit.

As it happens I began looking at Mustang's again in March 2020 and came across this beauty that was a single owner and had 58k miles on the odometer. I knew I had to have it and it was home in a matter of four days. Unfortunately that Sunday drive home was the last time I would drive it for a while as COVID caused shutdowns throughout my state. As it sat parked I determined what the purpose of this car would serve. I wanted this car to serve as a dual purpose car (Daily/Track) for the relatively near future until I can afford a second car for the daily commute. Using my past experience I knew that to be competent on track that I would need a brake upgrade and so I purchased the 14 inch brembo brake kit from ford racing as well as the brake duct backing plates/tubing from Vorshlag. To fit the larger brakes I also purchased APEX EC-7's and also added Hankook RS4's. This will give me a great base setup for track day's but also provided functional performance upgrades that will help me with regular road driving off the track. Additionally, as I rarely used the back seats in my previous mustang, I removed the rear seats and laid ABS plastic down with a durable black fabric for a clean look. I currently am running a stock alignment but would like to add camber bolts/camber plates in the immediate future for improved turn-in and to also improve the wear on my tires while at the track.

Looking ahead I plan on attending as many track days as I can afford in order to improve upon my driving abilities. As my skills progress I will look to continually improve the car. I want to get a few track days in the car under my belt before I start making adjustments to the suspension but I anticipate the future modifications will look something like this:
- new lower control arms and relocation brackets
-camber plates
-racing springs/shocks
-larger front sway bar

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