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Wide Body Fox

General Information

Mods - Handling
Full Maximum Motorsports suspension
Torque Arm, Panhard Bar, Kmember, MM3's
Mods - Power
Gen 1 5.0L Coyote
PBH Speed Drive Power Steering System
ARH longtubes
Gen 3 intake
Lund Racing tuned
Mods - Exterior
Maier Racing Widebody fendres and flares
AJ Hartman Aero swan neck wing-open track
Custom deck spoiler-Auto x
Custom removeable splitter
TIger racing hood
Maier Air Damn
Mods - Interior
Tig Vision Roll Cage
Scott Rod interior panels, console, dash board
RJS belts
OMP seat
Background & Plans
I have had this car for 15 years now and was introduced to DE about 13 years ago. I was hooked like many of us are. Ended up instructing and doing Super Solo. Led to working with a "friend" on a race effort which led to the car being built. After a year in AI the program changed and I had to re purpose the car for Auto X which is more budget friendly. I love this car, it has always been solid for me and now with the Coyote engine swap it is very reliable and continues to get faster. I specialize in the swaps and work in the industry.

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