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  1. 7500RPM_Ben

    S197 3V Apex3v's Road Race Build Thread

    I have heard that about the safety as well, I will be in my death machine anyway. No instructors? Well that is not good at all. I have to check out the classes that are run. I only want to go 40% and have fun in the slow group but I guess not lol. I understand about VIR, it is a haul and 2...
  2. 7500RPM_Ben

    2013 BOSS 302 Forsale $28k

    Good price, if I were in the Boss market I would grab it.
  3. 7500RPM_Ben

    S197 3V Apex3v's Road Race Build Thread

    Nice write-up of everything man, I may ride out to CMP in May. I live 45 minutes away lol. I will probably put the Z on track for the TNIA event at Charlotte this year. VIR is on the schedule but that is a high speed track lol. TNIA events seem to be cheap and good.Road Atlanta definitely...
  4. 7500RPM_Ben

    2013 Grabber Blue Boss 302 FS

    Car has sold, I now have a C6Z:D!
  5. 7500RPM_Ben

    2013 Grabber Blue Boss 302 FS

    Hey guys! I am selling my 2013 Grabber Blue Boss 302 #1312. I had my fun with her and business is ramping up and I do not have the time to enjoy her.-22k miles -Track Key Activated -Owners Kit -StockPro’s: 9.9/10 exterior, paint corrected and Ceramic Coated with IGL Quartz. Interior...
  6. 7500RPM_Ben

    Boss De-Mod Sale!

    De-modding the Boss sale!FRPP Adj. PHB $150 FRPP Relocation Brackets $120 FRPP Boss 302 S LCA's $260 Steeda Competition UCA and Bracket $280 Magnaflow Race Mufflers 6/10, has pitting $200 Racestar Bracket Racer 15x8's with 275/60/15 Nitto 555R's 200 miles on them and wheels are Ceramic coated...
  7. 7500RPM_Ben

    S197 3V NASA Spec Iron Build!

    Ok, I have been talking to my Ford Tech buddy and he said that is most likely the culprit as well. I am about order one.
  8. 7500RPM_Ben

    FS: Sparco Ergo seats

    How much for the mount shipped to 29301?
  9. 7500RPM_Ben

    FS: Sparco Ergo seats

    Can the side mounts mount to the base and will they work with a Kirkey?More importantly, can you put side mounts on the base? If so, I am interested in the base!
  10. 7500RPM_Ben

    S197 3V NASA Spec Iron Build!

    @zajac Checked battery, will have to check starter fuse, and I do not have a shaker 500 system. We think it is starter/alternator related. I will check that fuse today along with checking codes to see if something is over or undercharging. Thank you.
  11. 7500RPM_Ben

    S197 3V NASA Spec Iron Build!

    Another update, we when to Road Atlanta and day one was great with the car turning double duty. My sister ran HPDE 2 and I ran 4. Today we ran into electrical problems as the cluster started going crazy and the car would not start. We think it is either the starter, alternator, or battery...
  12. 7500RPM_Ben

    S197 3V NASA Spec Iron Build!

    Happy Veterans Day to all of our fellow TMO veterans!This past week major changes have went down with the SI build. The Brembo's came from Dean Martin at KohR, I ordered some from Rock Auto and they were wrong. I had to get the car ready for Road Atlanta and Dean came to the rescue with...
  13. 7500RPM_Ben

    SOLD! 2007 Vista Blue Spec iron car. No expense spared build!

    That is what I thought as well until I saw how much people wanted for Spec Iron cars. I have the build thread in the Road Racing section and it is cheaper to build the car. Shops build and sell these cars for north of $30k and you can go with the bare minimum to be SI legal for roughly $10k.
  14. 7500RPM_Ben

    The Lost Color ............

    Grabber Blue is the best color, I was not too happy when they took it down for MY18.
  15. 7500RPM_Ben

    Apex 18x11 amd Cortex offset struts, spacer requiered?

    Thanks for the thread @Grant 302 !