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  1. 98RedGT

    Transmission resealed

    Took my 2012 Boss 302 to a local dealer for an oil change. On the Vehicle Check Up ticket a future attention comment is "Transmission - case house needs resealed" Anybody seen this before after their service? Anybody have any other comments as to what it may indicate? Thanks in advance.
  2. 98RedGT

    GoPro Hero3 Camera Test

    I just got GoPro Hero3 as well, curious to see what you find out works the best as far as mounts.
  3. 98RedGT

    We made the front cover

    I am in for a copy as well.
  4. 98RedGT

    you guys noticed this?

    if the insurance companies figure this out the rates will be even higher on our Assault Vehicles :P
  5. 98RedGT

    BOSS Mustangs Online Second Anniversary!

    Is there another Boss site ;Dcongrats on 2 years, and many more to come.
  6. 98RedGT

    Drove the Boss for the last time this year (probably)

    what about tires, do you just over-inflate them? on a different forum somebody said that our tires on the Boss are nitrogen filled. is that correct?
  7. 98RedGT

    2013 Ford GT 500 Poster

    yep, got a few of those from my dealer as well. the back has some pics of grabber blue, this way I can show both sides.
  8. 98RedGT

    Damn Zaino :)

    that would be JustinI am a believer as well :)
  9. 98RedGT

    Which brand of gas do you put in your Boss?

    the highest I can find is 92 octane at Shell and it's always about $.20 cheaper per gallon than any other station with only 90 or 91 octane. go figure.
  10. 98RedGT

    Must Read for 2012/13 Boss Owners

    Just order 6 different Boss 302 issues from different magazines. Been looking for these at swap meets, online, etc., but no luck. Thanks for posting the link to this site with back issues.
  11. 98RedGT

    Some BOSS owners...

    I am just spreading the word.. :)
  12. 98RedGT

    Some BOSS owners...

    just show him the way of Zaino :)
  13. 98RedGT

    New and Used Boss(s) For Sale

    This is from the dealership that I had my original order at but Ford did not build Yellow Blaze anymore so I had to go somewhere else. Looks like they got the Boss back in as a trade so now it's for sale again. Here is the info I got from the dealer, you can contact them directly for more info...
  14. 98RedGT

    Curious: How many Bosses have you seen?

    spotted a 2013 Race Red on a trailer last weekend on North I-35 around Ankeny IA. Somebody's on this forum?