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Recent content by badasbullitt

  1. 2012 Boss

    No..I saw it for sale and was curious to know more about why it was for sale.
  2. 2012 Boss

    Did anyone here use to own a 2012 red w/stripe? vin # 1ZVBP8CU8C5268817
  3. TracKey Ping?

    I have the same issues since day one and I also have the JLT installed. Since I do not use it a lot I am not too worried but would love to know of a fix. The pinging I have goes away fairly quick after the initial ping. I even tried a can of BG44K fuel system cleaner once.
  4. Where's Waldo

    That is one sweet ride!!! I really like that color scheme. From what I can tell it looks like they carried over the sound tube for what reason I do not understand. Is that true? Haven't seen any show in NC yet.
  5. Mileage and Issues

    Yes. I had that and replaced both sides as well as the trans fluid per TSB.
  6. Another Boss for the pack

    Happy New Year John! You have an awesome family who seems to really care and go out of their way to get you back in the boss. I wish you the best to a full recovery!!! It looks to me from what I can tell looking at the picture it has put a smile on your face. Good luck my friend!p.s. I hope...
  7. Zaino products and Zaino Z8

    Thanks so much for the information. I was wondering since I have never used Zaino what do you suggest I should buy for the complete detail on the paint. I saw this on the website for...
  8. Zaino products and Zaino Z8

    I have heard great things about Zaino and was wondering those that have used it on the 2012 boss for swirls marks and etched water marks that may be from acid rain which have appeared on the hood decal. We had a rainy summer here in NC and went some time without washing and noticed this...
  9. Continental extreme DW

    After a road force there was an issue with the left rear reading 40lbs and was corrected. The alignment was done initially after the tires were put on but were checked again for sanity purposes. So far no issues. I will say that it did feel like the pirellis were somewhat more stable in steering...
  10. Continental extreme DW

    I was curious if anyone has experienced a vibration with these tire. I had them balanced twice now and the car feels out of balance above 60 mph. Also the steering seems to want to wonder when I move the steering back and forth at higher speeds. I do not remember feeling that before with the...
  11. Alignment spec

    I concur with the Ford setup and was wondering for street driving would I be wrong to adjust the camber for better wear. I really do not want to jeopardize handling just to gain a few more miles. So my question is should I adjust it alone for street driving although I may do a track every now...
  12. Windshield

    Has anyone noticed how easy the windshield is pitting from normal driving? My service advisor asked me a while back if I noticed it because he had a client who brought there Boss in because he could not hardly see through the windshield when the sun was at the right angle. It was replaced under...
  13. Scratched Boss

    Had a similar situation where I hit the button to lower the garage door while backing out. After realizing what I had done I panicked and drove forward with the door on the rear deck which left scratches on it as well as the spoiler. Needless to say I was about to get out 95% of the scratches by...
  14. Foam underhood being eaten??

    Man that bites! No pun intended. Your best friend for this job would definitely be a cat. We had one in our house a few months back and thanks to the cat it never had a chance.
  15. Strange Noise & Bump in Reverse

    I had the same issue and after researching I found this regarding the lower control. So I took it in under warranty and had both the right and left side lower control arms replaced. Seems to been my issue but I have noticed a scrubbing sound but mine is due to the front tires being worn down...