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  1. BKBoss302

    New book: How to Build and Modify 2011-2014 Mustangs

    Ordered one today via Amazon prime. Even though I have modified my Boss extensively there is always something new to learn or try.
  2. BKBoss302

    Blowfish shifter bracket

    Not intending to destroy any potential sales going on with the Blowfish brackets but I would recommend a MGW shifter long before I would add anything to make the stock shifter work. I had a Blowfish bracket on my Boss when I bought it and it is a quality bracket. Unfortunately the stock Ford...
  3. BKBoss302

    S197 3V Racing Harness installation (6 pt)

    Thanks again for all the great tips. I was thinking those lap belts were up a bit high. I really appreciate the safety aspects of these projects so I will be making these adjustments as I prepare for the track day season.
  4. BKBoss302

    S197 3V Racing Harness installation (6 pt)

    Thanks Cornerz!! Great advice on the details - didn't even know the cotter pins were used in that clip. Points 1 and 2 are easily corrected. For the shoulder belt spacing I did some measuring and determined that I am 15 inches from the bar to the center of my shoulder with my FHR on. My FHR is 7...
  5. BKBoss302

    Confused on Ford springs

    How do the Ford P springs compare to the BMR Handling Spring set (SP065)? I am running these but have not run anything else so I am looking for some opinions. Thanks in advance. From the BMR website: "BMR has designed the SP065 for the handling crowd who regularly use their cars on the road...
  6. BKBoss302

    S197 3V Racing Harness installation (6 pt)

    I still have the eBrake as well. If you keep the plate down low near the radius you can get a plate in there.
  7. BKBoss302

    S197 3V Racing Harness installation (6 pt)

    Since we are on the topic of racing harness install and mounts what do all you guys think of this installation? Vorschlag seat mount with center belts exiting through the bottom of the Sparco seat to mounts in plate. Left lap belt mounted to original seat belt threaded location. Right lap belt...
  8. BKBoss302

    What did you do to your Boss 302 or S197 today?

    Fabricated a adjustable link for my recently installed 18mm rear sway bar. Will work great for a neutral position when loaded with me in the driver seat. Cut the existing link in half and used a 12 X 1.25 metric tap and die (left and right) to complete the link.
  9. BKBoss302

    Oil filter

    I have been using the FL500S primarily because it fits with my oil cooler sandwich plate. It clears the brace just below it by about 3/8" of an inch. I do change my oil and filter before every track day event which has been typically about 8 per season. I watched a video on YouTube that compared...
  10. BKBoss302

    Widening Strut Tower Hole

    The hole saw drilling fixture is about as easy and clean as it gets. Really all you need is drill with a 1/2" chuck, a hole saw of the appropriate size and the fixture. I ended up selling my S197 drill fixture for the same price I paid for it from Vorschlag.
  11. BKBoss302

    Official APEX Wheels Showroom Gallery Thread

    Good eye!! Yes those are stock GT350 center caps and they fit perfect.
  12. BKBoss302

    competition manual shifters

    MGW and only MGW.
  13. BKBoss302

    Disable dash lights and chimes

    Yes that is the noise culprit. Find the connectors on the other side of the board and disconnect one of them with a soldering iron. Replace the connection with a switch if you want to control it or just leave it disconnected.
  14. BKBoss302

    What did you do to your Boss 302 or S197 today?

    Winter will be around for a few months so I put it up on blocks to do some work on the chassis and suspension.
  15. BKBoss302

    EVAP system removal/delete S197

    Hello all, Is there a comprehensive how to process of removing the EVAP system from a 2013 Boss 302? I have read several bits of information for removing some of the system. What is removed/capped under the hood? I see the entire system under the spare tire well can be removed. I also understand...