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Recent content by Cobra700

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    Anyone own 2017 GT350 H1222?

    Hello all, haven’t been on in a while. Wondering if the owner of H1222 is on here? Thanks
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    Oldest Mustang Driver/Owner..My Hero

    Just figured out how to turn them on! Lol thanks 8)
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    Oldest Mustang Driver/Owner..My Hero

    Great video, just wish I knew what they were saying ??? I did catch "Ford Mustang" though 8)
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    GT350 Oil Cooler Tube Assembly Recall

    Good. My local dealer are asshats.
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    GT350 Oil Cooler Tube Assembly Recall

    So if they sold you one and you drove off with it........? They'll get fined $21k?
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    6 Things Even The Laziest Car Owners Should Check

    Lol Fined £1000 for empty washer bottle.... :o Pfft
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    FS: 2012 Boss 302 Race Red S.FL

    Good eye. Nope it's a GT one because I hit a piece of debris on highway. New Boss one is back on there now. Side note: Got a trade in offer of $25k..... Still on the fence. Love this Boss!!!!!!
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    Cleaning Rear Window... With a Rollbar

    Lexan window so you can unscrew it from the outside? ;D
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    GT350 Admin Fees

    Swung by my local dealer today and the happen to have 1 black GT350. Told me they would do MSRP but ....... Non track pack car. :-\
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    Boss 302 Paper Weight

    Sold for $260.70 LMAO ::)
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    GT350R pricing......

    Been snooping around at the GT350Rs. Know MSRP is about $67k. Seems like most of them are around $90k. Anyone think they'll drop down some soon or is this the price to pay to own an R?
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    Happy 80!!!!!!

    She is #1863 At this rate meeeeeeeee! ;D
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    1996 Ford Mustang Cobra 708+RWHP

    Meh. She has to go this month. Taking cash offers. :-\
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    Happy 80!!!!!!

    Nope!!! 8) The only thing changed was her clutch at about 6k miles because I had complained about the 7500 rpm lockout.
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    Happy 80!!!!!!

    Well happy 80 to Betty Boss!!! Out of curiosity anyone else up there on miles with their Boss? I've enjoyed every single one 8)