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Recent content by Dazzerboy68

  1. Shipping the Boss

    Thanks guys, appreciate the suggestions. Will check into both. Now need to stock up on spares too. Darren
  2. Shipping the Boss

    Well it looks like I'll be shipping the Boss back to the UK in a couple of months, has anyone had any recent experience of international shippers..?
  3. 2013 LS Wheel OEM Price

    Not sure on OEM but you can get a set of Ford Racing ones for about $900 from CJ Pony Parts. I could be interested though, what condition are they in..?
  4. Curious: How many Bosses have you seen?

    Spotted my first Boss for a while, 2013 GHG in east Orlando.
  5. New Four Post Lift Installed

    Very have garage envy...! ;)
  6. Boss at dealership for warranty work

    Hope they sort it all OK.....and I know what you mean. Have a list of issues I want sorted but putting it off as I'm not too keen on the dealers I have nearby.
  7. Blowfish Racing Shifter Fix

    I've just installed with the OEM shifter and also have quite an increase in NVH as expected but a significantly better felling shift action. May end up going back to stock for a while though until an update is available as this is my daily driver. Also need to get a 'nibble' when going into 1st...
  8. WTB...2013 Ford Boss 302 car cover

    End time: Sep 28, 2014 1:08:41 AMItem: 2010-2013 Genuine Ford Mustang Boss 302 Weathershield Car Vehicle CoverURL:
  9. Blowfish Racing Shifter Fix

    I'm east Orlando near Bithlo. Appreciate the offer but won't be able to make it, in the midst of motivating school homework...!
  10. Blowfish Racing Shifter Fix

    This must be becoming one of the most popular threads ever...! Still waiting on mine to arrive from CJPP, on backorder at the moment. Must say though that I'm really impressed with CJPP, they are calling me weekly to keep me updated. Steve, I'm down in Orlando with a completely stock Boss if...
  11. Sorting out Ford's Build Quality

    I can't see any evidence of damage just looks to be poor alignment. Tried the links but nothing displayed, suspect the browser on my tab is the issue though....will try the PC later.
  12. Sorting out Ford's Build Quality

    I got the impression from Ford that a few of the 2013s were like this. Have you had it re-aligned..?The conern I have is that the paint finish is non existant where they touch and therefore a potential rust problem, especially as I'm likely to take mine back to th UK in a year or so.
  13. Sorting out Ford's Build Quality

    Yes, original owner. All other panel gaps were fine just didn't notice this one until a few weeks after.
  14. Sorting out Ford's Build Quality

    So finally got round to sorting out poor build quality on Sally, her driver's fender was hard up against the A pillar. Now have a more consistant panel gap with the passenger's side but question is how do the doors adjust....door to hinge bolts was where I would have expected to be able to...
  15. GT500 Exhaust

    They look great, anychance of recording a video so we can hear how they sound. Would be interested in changing mine at some point. ;D