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  1. DGRacing

    S550 GT350R Race Car Build

    Very cool thread and awesome way to start the next chapter. Gonna be a sweet car!
  2. DGRacing

    NASA Spec Iron - Thoughts?

    Spec iron is intensely competitive out east here. Great group of guys. AI is also very popular. I'm in AIX which ebbs and flows in participation but there were 6 entries at hyperfest and 5 AI cars. So my goal is to try and keep the class alive. But I might get a SI car anyway!
  3. DGRacing

    Track Time Videos

    Me? Just a smartycam.
  4. DGRacing

    Track Time Videos

    Here's a leisurely 2:03 lap at VIR during Hyperfest. Thunder race practice. With volume for your pleasure.
  5. DGRacing

    Trans ratios and gearing?

    Rob, What trans ratios and rear gearing where y'alls PWC cars running?
  6. DGRacing

    Ride height suggestions

    EIbach sportlines are another aggressive but nice drop/stance.
  7. DGRacing

    Put the banner on

    Thanks man! Now I get to ponder it all winter. lol
  8. DGRacing

    Put the banner on

  9. DGRacing

    GT350 Carbon Fiber vs. Aluminum Wheel Weight Difference

    And they clear the 15" grand am brembos too.
  10. DGRacing

    Black Roofs On Non GT350's

    But that yellow pops Rick! Dayum Red a slam dunk too.
  11. DGRacing

    What next

    I was hoping they'd put a trimmed down TT v6 from the DP in the gt500. Supercharger is old school.
  12. DGRacing

    Call me Impressed.

    With my spring rates/damper settings/fussy clutch and gearing my car rides like a rusty battleship in the paddock but at speed its a graceful gazelle. It's a striking tradeoff but the spring rates don't "do their thing" unless you're going fast. lol. just saying. PS. I'm at like 750F 350R, PH...
  13. DGRacing

    Phoenix PWC race cars available for sale

    Joe, You moving to the new Mustang? D