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  1. Drlee50

    Tires: Nitto NT05s versus .....

    Im here to disagree. My nt01s i put on new. 315-30 -18 square. 2 weekends on them. mid ohio and road america last week. I cant rotate tires front to rear because of the back spacing on vorshlag wheels. I can tell you this solid axle car cooks the rears faster then the fronts. no doubt about...
  2. Drlee50

    S197 Transmission Repair - Chicagoland

    Option B- do it yourself- I just put the 3rd MT-82 into my '12 boss. Its not hard at all. But for your problems, you overall need to change the shifter, the clutch and -- sounds like, your trans. If I had to do it all over, Id move to a T-56 or something stronger. Because you need a differnt...
  3. Drlee50

    GoPro Black Bones - Drone camera for race car

    i dont know of any tracks that allow drone usage. so....that sucks
  4. Drlee50

    NT01 Hot Pressures

    Im with CARVER- I chalk em alot. Cold AM sessions are different than high noon vs 4pm sessions. Adjust as needed. Chalk helps make sure you are using the tire properly
  5. Drlee50

    Cheap, reliable track car? z05
  6. Drlee50

    Mustang going GT3?

    By: Christopher SmithAs the world prepares for the 2022 Rolex 24 at Daytona, Ford offers a curious look at its racing future. A Mustang GT3 is in the works, slated to enter competition with IMSA for the 2024 racing season. A single image shows the car under a cover, but with 2024 listed as...
  7. Drlee50


    the 2015+ brembo 6 piston 15" setup is very good for the price. Hawk pads seem to do well with them and are cheaper than many other choices. I have run carbotech and G-loc for years. The DTC 70s front, 60s rear works well for only $200 for a set of fronts and $163 for a set of rears.
  8. Drlee50


    you will need better brakes. go to the 15: 6 piston setup asap. Espcially is you will be going to blackhawk farms. that track is super hard on brakes. 125 to 50mph 4x per 70 seconds = hard on brakes. these are great track cars and reliable in all areas but the trans. Im going to a c8 zo6 next...
  9. Drlee50

    looking for a pulse TIG welder a quick link, but these guys make pulse machines. they have resonable prices vs quality of the product. Id at least look through their products and see which ones have...
  10. Drlee50

    Roaring into Fall at Blackhawk Farms

    better bring extra brake pads! such a short course with 4 high speed corners--- and like 80 second lap times -doesnt leave much time for brake cooling. fun track but hard on brakes
  11. Drlee50

    S550 Wrecker GT350 - Two for One!

    great job Gman ! impressive work. Back in the day i did that with fox bodies. way the hell easier back then lol. my, how the mustang has evolved over the years.
  12. Drlee50

    Anyone near road America may 1st with a 2013 gt500 rear rotor?

    I'm at RA and git a crack in the rear rotor all the way to the edge. Rest of rotor and other side rotor are fine. Kind of a freak thing. Anyone have a spare they can sell me? No dealers are open and every parts store has to order em out of Indiana warehouse. Nothing in stock. No luck on Amazon...
  13. Drlee50

    ARCHETYPE RACING S197 '10-'14 THUNDERCHIEF Canard Project

    these make it to production yet? thanks!
  14. Drlee50

    Loctite NEW Pro Pump Dispenser

    ill certainly drop it 1st use, crack the pump and wont work for shiznit. thats how i roll
  15. Drlee50

    New wing option for 11-14 S197, nine lives racing

    any updates on the wing performance?