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  1. Where will the Boss technology show up in 2014?

    The 5.8 liter in the GT500 is a true 351ci , doesn't get hit with GG tax - maybe they could do a Boss 351
  2. 2013 Boss LS pics

    Love the front but not the tailights, fortunately those will only be seen by the other guys on track and not me! Not sure that is the LS though, text implies it is the Boss.Here is press release courtesy of Muscular Mustangs
  3. Steeda Boss Specific Springs

    My only question is will the stock struts work properly with the reduced spring height and resulting increase in spring weight and will reduced height put you on the bump stops when the suspension compresses quickly. I've lowered cars and created a situation where the damper couldn't "keep up"...
  4. MT82 Trans Problems - Ford's Response

    Official response to NHSTA concerns
  5. 7 qty 302s available

    A story on this post.I saw this Friday night of last week, sent an email to the original poster asking for a price.He texted me back a couple of pictures and left me a voicemail that night. We spoke the next morning and agreed on a price of $ 47,900 for a black/red LS which he said they "had...
  6. looking for rotor/pad combo for track

    Just for clarification - is it necessary to change rotors for track use or will proper pad selection yield reliable braking with stock rotors?
  7. Camber Plate vs. Adjustable LCA

    Any opinions on best means of getting additional neg camber up front? Seems like -2 degrees is desirable.
  8. TracKey is here! Those that are installing - please post!

    jas427 -you will be giving us a full review I hope? very curious if the Trackey solves some of the issues noted on this forum - engine codes, etc.
  9. Are sales starting to slow

    A dealer in my area has an orange Boss that's been on the lot for about 90 days as well.
  10. track timer?

    Harry's Lap Timer will show your lap times and videos immediately and there is a companion app for the iPad that allows you to transfer the data over for additional analysis. You should look at Harry's website, the app does a lot more than collect data and v15 should be a significant update...
  11. track timer? this link, it' s a gps data collector, come with software. Used by a number of car mags to gather performance data. A quick, self contained solution.
  12. Boss 302S vs Boss 302 LS

    Anyone have any info regarding suspension differences? Wondering what the spring/damper combination is and ride height.
  13. track timer?

    Been using Harry's Lap Timer Pro for a couple of years and it works great. If you use it to shoot video as well you can overlay the track data it collects, for $ 18 you can't beat it. One word of caution- the iPhone 3G models have poor gps reception but the 4 models work fine.ArizonaGT is...
  14. Stability at Speed and Under Braking

    How is the LS stability at 130-140? How about under hard braking from say 140-70?Most of my track time is at Mid-Ohio and that's pretty typical scenario on the back straight. Anyone here have any time at Mid-Ohio in a Boss? Wondering what your thoughts are as it is considered a fairly...
  15. 2013 Boss vs 2012 Boss LS

    I think you're correct, the reality is that the LS isn't selling at the huge premiums that dealers expected. A dealer called me and said they had a 2012 LS coming in end of Nov. - did I want it at MSRP?Once the 2013 is available, even for summer 2012 delivery, reality should start to rear it's...