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Recent content by Fastfordnut

  1. Fastfordnut

    What do you miss doing during the quarantine?

    I miss "normalcy". Employed by an "Essential" business so still working full time as is the wife. This weekend I was really missing being out on the water....a lot. Winter + Covid-19 = ☹ Took care of that problem today! :cool: Eldest son and my daughter were along too. Quality time.
  2. Fastfordnut

    GT350 OEM ECU Software Update - Piston Slap Reduction

    I was originally quoted 1 hr of shop time but in the end, they didn't charge me anything. Watching from the customer area window was somewhat entertaining. Other techs were stopping to chat with the tech working on the car. I'm pretty sure the flash didn't require any blips of the throttle but...
  3. Fastfordnut

    S550 2019 Magnetic GT350

    The unicorns and rainbows are a nice touch. Helmet decor won't matter much if you're out there kicking a**. LOL
  4. Fastfordnut

    S550 Mustangs....I can quit anytime I, not really.

    This is the Build Thread for FastFordnut.Mustangs....I can quit anytime I, not really.. Reply below.
  5. Fastfordnut

    Team Shelby Event at Pocono 6/4 to 6/7/20 ..Whose going?

    You are overdue for another excursion to the track. Nice road trip for you and the Boss. Bring the car too! :cool: 5 hrs is relatively back-friendly.
  6. Fastfordnut

    Team Shelby Event at Pocono 6/4 to 6/7/20 ..Whose going?

    Pocono sounds interesting - about 6-7 hrs away. In for any additional details/info
  7. Fastfordnut

    Call to action from SEMA for the RPM Act

    A non-committal response......I'll have to watch and see how he actually votes. EDWARD J. MARKEY MASSACHUSETTS 255 DIRKSEN SENATE OFFICE BUILDING WASHINGTON, DC 20510 (202) 224-2742 United...
  8. Fastfordnut

    Look cage!

    I've always heard karts were quick but this is nuts....and so is the guy driving it. And the accompanying article.
  9. Fastfordnut

    Call to action from SEMA for the RPM Act

    Sent... But since I currently reside in the lunatic left state of MA, it's likely to fall on the deaf ears of my 3 so called "reps". I guess it would be worse to do nothing at all.
  10. Fastfordnut

    Blacksheep itinerary..January

    I'll be in Punta Gorda 5th - 10th. Only 1.5 hrs away. What kind of track activities 8th & 9th ?
  11. Fastfordnut

    2017 GT350R in Magnetic Gray

    That's frustrating but shouldn't be a deal breaker. I'll never understand why some people feel the need to keep something unique that clearly belongs to a specific vehicle. Common problem - I had to buy back the kit from the previous owner of my car. Selfish & greedy individuals....but I still...
  12. Fastfordnut

    2017 GT350R in Magnetic Gray

    Love that color combo....being an "R" is icing on the cake. GLWS....BUT... if it happens to still be available in 3 or 4 weeks....we may need to talk. :cool: Owners kit ?
  13. Fastfordnut

    Really enjoying these pop up ads since TMO got sold :(

    All set now. Thanks for getting that issue resolved!