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Recent content by honeybadger

  1. honeybadger

    S550 GT350R Race Car Build

    Interesting about the valve! Very fortunate you caught it early enough! Any plans for the #8 cooling?
  2. honeybadger

    How I love watching the Bathurst 12 Hour

    I think a lot of it is the fact you can't really root for a manufacturer anymore.You kind of can with Acura/Mazda, but still meh. Definitely missing BMW, Audi, Porsche, etc. V8 supercars are the coolest cars on the planet for me - the engines are just so badass. Europe's GT3 class is the...
  3. honeybadger

    Recording feet while on track

    I took a GoPro session and mounted it to the underside of my racing seat with an adhesive mount. It worked great
  4. honeybadger

    How I love watching the Bathurst 12 Hour

    By far the most exciting racing I've seen in a long time. LOVE the fact that the top class is the GT3 class. Prototypes are so boring
  5. honeybadger


    Ultimately this hood vent was developed by Watson, not Ford. Something to keep in mind. I'm with @captdistraction - I'm extremely weary of FRPP stuff now. And FP support hasn't been spectacular for me, either.
  6. honeybadger

    FP350S Oil Pan - $500

    Hi all, Switching my setup and will no longer be using my FP350S pan. I *think* there might be a tiny crack in the up front where it made contact with my steering rack. It wasn't currently leaking when I took it apart, but there do appear to be the beginning of hair line fractures, so I'd...
  7. honeybadger

    SOLD - GT350R cam phashers (GR3E part #s)

    Bump for price change!
  8. honeybadger

    Which road course slicks would you track with?

    The Pirellis are like crack if you can get your hands on good sets. 4 seconds faster than my new Cup2s on the same day. Hoosiers are really HPDE/TT friendly. They heat up very quickly and are predictable. Half lap and you're safe. My Pirellis are slick as ice for 2ish laps by comparison. I...
  9. honeybadger

    WTB - Sparco Halo Seat

    Nice! You're going to love them. I've run July until now on the same pads. 10 or so days out of them!
  10. honeybadger

    WTB - Sparco Halo Seat

    Great deal. Thanks for the lead. Have you bought from them before?
  11. honeybadger

    WTB - Sparco Halo Seat

    Hi all! Looking for a used Sparco Halo seat (ADV or Circuit preferably) to use as a passenger seat. My current passenger seat is too narrow for most of my passengers since it's my old driving seat. Not in a rush - just trying to keep my eyes open. In Texas is preferred, but would consider...
  12. honeybadger

    tire/wheel stuff from the edge

    I think the answer is in the picture. Redundancy and rigidity. They can take damage and keep true enough to race on.
  13. honeybadger

    GT350 Brakes with 18" Wheels

    Did you mind getting more details from him? How much did take off the knuckles to move the brake caliper inward? Does he have a part# for the wilwood rotor that normal peeps can buy?
  14. honeybadger

    S550 GT350R Race Car Build

    Yeah...most evidence seems to be inconclusive. I'd had engineers tell me its a good idea and other tell me meh. I'd figure I'd give it a try this time and see what happens.