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  1. Lost and Found Owners Kits

    Re: Lost and Found Boss Owners KitsI loved the Hurst. I had a little issue without having the reverse lockout. The Hurst has a spring that helps prevent it from going to the reverse gate and it is adjustable. Not knowing how stiff it would be I set it in the middle. If I had set it at full...
  2. Lost and Found Owners Kits

    Re: Lost and Found Boss Owners KitsIhave found my old Boss, called them and explained to them that I had the owners kit for that car. They were very short with me since...
  3. Lost and Found Owners Kits

    Re: Lost and Found Boss Owners KitsExactly NFSBOSS!!This is why I kept the kit for 3248, I traded it and gave the instructions to everyone I had contact with while dealing.I look on here regularly but so far no one has claimed ownership.I would not trust the dealer for anything, past...
  4. Pypes Pype Bomb Axle Back for sale

    Re: No more BossI am posting current pictures of these Axle Backs from this past weekend.
  5. Pypes Pype Bomb Axle Back for sale

    Re: No more BossDetails on Axle Back I want to sell: Pypes Axle Back Pype Bomb with 4" Resonated Tips Polished Stainless Steel Pypes # SFM76MS Pypes List $350.90 Sell $150 + Ship
  6. Pypes Pype Bomb Axle Back for sale

    Re: No more BossWe could meet half way, I'm in FWB for the weekend. PM or email me your phone # and we'll talk.
  7. Pypes Pype Bomb Axle Back for sale

    Traded Boss for 42 year Dream Car......long story short before Vietnam I wanted a Challenger, a plum crazy Challenger came out while I was in Vietnam. Dodge gave me a second chance to get a plum crazy Challenger so I did it a plumb crazy Challenger SRT8 Core. Now I have oil and filter for the...
  8. Track Key Tune

    I just spent the last hour searching to see if anyone had a tune done using the Track Key. I could only find posts doing it with the standard key.The tuners I have talked to so far all say they do it with the standard key.Anyone have a tune using the Red Track Key?
  9. What Did You Sell to Purchase Your Boss?

    Brad is who sold me my Boss and my Bullitt that I traded in on the Boss. He's great salesman and has always been honest and truthful to me. Yeah the yellow one is still there and without any mark-up. I was there Friday and Brad told me they had a red one that had some marks on and was at the...
  10. What Did You Sell to Purchase Your Boss?

    Same Dealer I got my Boss from, who was your salesman?
  11. What Did You Sell to Purchase Your Boss?

    A nice 08 Bullitt. Traded it in actually.
  12. Noise when I popped the clutch,

    Your right, I installed the Steeda adjustable upper and it stopped wheel hopping. Even in the sticky! But, the sad part is, it transmitted the rear end noise so much I couldn't stand it. I had to put the stock arm back in so I could drive it on the Interstate at speed. Seems I'm not the only one...
  13. Subtle high pitched whine

    How'd this turn out for you? I installed a Steeda Adjustable Upper Control arm to get rid of the wheel hop which it did. Before I really never noticed the whine at all. It is exactly the same speed as yours. It was so annoying to me I had to put the stock stuff back in. I can hear it some now...