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Recent content by jake74

  1. Took the boss down the 1/8 today.

    It will take it.I went back to the track last Sunday and launched at 6800 rpm and cut a 1.63 60ft but still ran a 7.57 but slowed down 3mph as it was 15 degrees hotter outside.
  2. Took the boss down the 1/8 today.

    I ran mine on the softest setting 1 on all 4 corners.
  3. Question: drag racing your boss

    If I blew my motor at the track what I would say to my dealer is I was tooling down the road at 60 in 6th gear and boom the damn motor blew up.
  4. Ordered a MGW shifter and TK software!

    I feel your pain.I went quicker at the track with the stock key cause of the 5000 rpm max launch.6500 is the sweet spot for lauching these car's on slicks.
  5. So the tire inflator kit works...

    I was wondering if the sealant worked as my boss and my wife's g8 gt has the same setup.
  6. Couple questions on the MGW shifter...again

    1.It's just the harmonic's coming through the solid aluminum body of the mgw shifter.It's not that much loader than stock. 2.It does help engauge the gears better as I had a problem with mine popping out of first and the mgw has all but eliminated the problem. 3.The reverse is the same as a...
  7. Boss shifter problems

    The stock shifter feel's like the handle is mounted to a bowl of pudding compared to the mgw.
  8. Launch Control Question for users

    I need to try that as I was wanting to compare times between the 2 keys,but could not find out a way to disable the 2step with trackey to get it to rev past 5000 rpm's.
  9. Launch Control Question for users

    It dosen't reset,but the 5000rpm max lauch rpm is not enough for a good launch on slick's at the dragstrip.I picked up almost .15 on my 60 ft times and almost 3 tenth's on the et by using the regular key lauching at 6500 rpm's.
  10. Took the boss down the 1/8 today.

    Yea,I had these laying around for our 04 cobra.I'm gonna invest in a set of drag wheels and tires for track duty.I hit the rev limiter in 3rd right as I crossed the line in the 1/8.
  11. Took the boss down the 1/8 today.

    26x11.50-17 et streets on 04 cobra wheels.They had the track prepped very well as my car was hooking hard.
  12. Took the boss down the 1/8 today.

    No,but am going to when they open in a few weeks.
  13. Took the boss down the 1/8 today.

    I posted this on another forum but thought I would post here also.I took the boss to my local 1/8 mile track today and it laid down some nice numbers.My car's mods are LCA's,mgw shifter,mt et street's.First pass was a 7.84 at 94 mph with a 1.79 60 ft lauching at 5000 rpm's with trackey.The...
  14. Tranny fluid Help

    X2 on redline MTL.I just changed mine and the original fluid was thick like gear oil.
  15. TracKey is here! Those that are installing - please post!

    It's all about what your comfortable with.I don't have the patience to baby my car around for that long.I'm going to the 1/8 mile strip next sunday for a stock base line.It's gonna be on slicks and will be trying launches between 5-6K RPM's,that should test out the drive train pretty good.I will...