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Recent content by Jerry

  1. Who's Selling a Boss for an S550?

    I will have to see it in person first and drive it! I will probably get one of course I will be in the doghouse again! I just got out of the doghouse after buying my 2013 Boss LS and not selling my 2007 Shelby oh we'll it's worth it! ;D
  2. Curious: How many Bosses have you seen?

    I only seen one in Jersey my 2013 LS but now I have aken all my cars to my other home in Ohio and I haven't seen any here except mine! I love that! Same for my 2007 Shelby also not one !
  3. car carrier

    I'm getting ready to use Intercity Lines (they move all of Jay Leno's cars) there picking up my 2007 Shelby and my 2013 Boss LS on Sept 4 in New Jersey and taking them to Ohio the cost was $1,800 . I will let you know how it goes and get pictures of the loading and unloading. And post on here ASAP!
  4. So, this happened tonight

    That's what I told my wife when she went back to Ohio a few months ago of course that didn't help her when she got pulled over going 90 mph LOL !! ;D
  5. First time to post

    Welcome Danny!
  6. Challenge coin

    I will be in for (2) that way I can put one with the ones I got in the Army and the other one for my car.
  7. Anybody Use Dr Color Chip?

    I just used Doctor Color Chip on my 2011 F250 I had 3 small chips on my dark blue truck it wasn't bad you gotta remember its not going to fill a deep chip but it will make it look alot better! I tried it a few times before I got it to look good what I found for me was to leave it on almost the...
  8. Who has the Lowest miles

    March 2013 75 miles SBY LS ! ;D
  9. Who Has the Most Miles on their Boss? **Contest**

    75 miles on my 2013 LS. LOL!!!!
  10. What did you do to your Boss 302 or S197 today?

    Re: What did you do to your boss today?Got my Boss owners kit today wow! Very nice when I bought my Shelby I didn't get crap!
  11. Why do people do dumb Crap!

    Got it back finally! All is good!
  12. Why do people do dumb Crap!

    Ok up date went in early this morning met with the Service Manager . He comes out to my truck apologies to me for the mess I say crap happens I just want it fixed. He looks at the mirror and says you know I don't think the new mirror came with the chrome cap on it this may be the one off your...
  13. Why do people do dumb Crap!

    There going to replace it I'm not living with scratches on it! The one they took off was fine except for not folding in and out. What kills me is they use to wash and detail the cars after service but they don't do that anymore. I guess like everyone else the economy has hit there bottom line...
  14. Why do people do dumb Crap!

    Took my 2011 F250 in for a bad passenger side mirror and 15,000 mile service had it for 2 days. I get it back drive to car wash to clean it and notice the passenger window has grease all over it so I walk over open the door grease all over my passenger seat and floor. I'm pissed but think no...
  15. Vortech yes no ?

    I already decided to not mess with it at all at least no major mods ! I have a 2007 Shelby GT also and haven't touched it ether except putting a rear spoiler on it. I'm going to do a complete restore on my 1950 Desoto instead it's in great shape but the interior needs redone and the chrome on...