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Recent content by leviathon

  1. leviathon

    GT350 front brakes on Boss/S197 - who has done it?

    Steve do they fit all 18s or only certain offsets? I havent found a template i could try an measure with. I have an alcon front caliper so it kinda throws comparing the regular brembos to it out the door for me.
  2. leviathon

    Saleen coilovers for sale

    bump, offers?
  3. leviathon

    Saleen coilovers for sale

    I have a set of saleen coilovers taken off my 06 mustang. They served me very well in the past but i recently updated to a cortex setup. I wont lie i would see about having these resealed. As they have some mileage on them. Spring rates are metric and i believe they are 8k and 6k. Also...
  4. leviathon


    This might be a long shot but does anyone have a set of height adjusters laying around for a s197? Im flirting with the idea of getting them to match the front cortex dampers i just picked up instead of running just a straight up rear spring
  5. leviathon

    05-09 vs 10-14 camber plates

    Appreciate the heads up, They are the cortex street dampers but Ive loved Filips stuff since I saw performance autosport race it back in the day. Also good to see you active on here Norm! I used to hang around the s197 forum actively still kinda do and you always gave solid advice for those out...
  6. leviathon

    05-09 vs 10-14 camber plates

    Awesome, I had a discussion going last night on the facebook group. Appreciate the welcome!
  7. leviathon

    05-09 vs 10-14 camber plates

    yayy first post..ey everyone lol Could anyone tell me the difference between the 2? the plates in question are ground control plates. I recently picked up a set of cortex dampers that have these on them..but they came off a 13 and I have an 06. Its always been my understanding that suspension...