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  1. Huge brake upgrade for S197 chassis

    Sounds like you might need a small spacer
  2. Will be at the Audi/ Daytona track day Dec. 10-12

    I’ve worked as a corner worker for Audi Club a Daytona for a few years. It’s a great event, out of town for this year though
  3. Shop to Install Cortex Watts Link/Torque Arm

    Hi guys does anyone know of a shop in the central Florida area who would be able to install the Cortex Watts Link/Torque Arm set up? Thanks
  4. S197 2012 Mustang GT

    This is the Build Thread for 2012 Mustang GT. Reply below.
  5. 2012 Mustang GT

    2012 Mustang GT

  6. Oil leak from rear end

    Thanks guys, I didn’t get the Watts link
  7. Oil leak from rear end

    Thanks for the replies. I’ve got it booked in for Friday 👍🏼
  8. Oil leak from rear end

    Thanks for the reply. Not 100% sure of what the exhaust system is but think it has GT500 mufflers. It does sound good. Here's some other pictures from a different angle
  9. Oil leak from rear end

    Hi guys, wondering if you can help.This is my first Mustang (2012 S197 GT) and I noticed a small pool of oil on the floor in the garage where the rear of the car sits. I jacked the car up and could see a a fair amount of sprayed everywhere. The oil looked red and had that distinctive smell...
  10. M-2300-SA

    Thank you for the replies.I think I will go with the regular m2300 kit with blank rotors, upgraded pads and fluid. This will be my first track day in over 4 years. I had an S2000 that I tracked occasionally back when I lived in the UK. Tracking a mustang is going to be a very different...
  11. M-2300-SA

    Hi guys long time lurker, I’ve been reading a lot of posts, such great knowledge on here.I have a 2012 Mustang GT premium and I’m looking to upgrade to the 14 inch Brembos (already have the track pack wheels) to get the car ready for a few track days.I’ve found this kit which includes a pair...