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  1. Mark

    Motor Trend's Response

    what was this thread about again...OH YA! Motor Trend should have tested the ZL1 against the current GT500 since a '13 wasn't available.PS. When reading political viewpoints, 50% of the readers think "this person is an idiot". Try to remember that before you make or respond...
  2. Mark


    I been noticing a bunch of lurkers on the board recently and had an idea. How about a thread where we get these folks to say hi. Seriously, registration takes about 2 minutes and you get to participate, ask questions, post pictures etc. DO IT!Let's see if we can get 100 lurkers out of the...
  3. Mark


    This topic has been moved to BOSS 302 Classifieds Forum.
  4. Mark

    My TracKey Experience

    aftermarket tune on top of trackey will be interesting
  5. Mark

    To mod or not to mod... That is the question...

    A quick story. I grew up racing foxbodies in the early 90's and absolutely lusted after the 93 Cobra when it was released. Years later I purchased a stone stock, perfect example. The car was so perfect that I could not mod it and didn't even want to drive it much for fear of chipping the...
  6. Mark

    known track issues

    good thread and welcome to the site.
  7. Mark

    Experimenting With Exhaust Discs

    Here is the best of the no disc set another...lots of gurgle and pop ;D and looks great!
  8. Mark

    Ebay as of today 4-19

    Took a quick look at ebay...not alot of cars out there yet. I expect the market to heat up rather quickly. Keep in mind we will hear about alot of dealers trying to get crazy money for the cars but good things (deals) come to those who wait.As of right this minute there are 12 total on ebay...
  9. Mark

    Boss #0001 Found in Texas

    Massive bragging rights. I wouldn't have said a word until I had given them the check, signed the papers, and had the keys in my hands. Congrats!
  10. Mark

    Boss color confused

    You can't go wrong with white/black as the contrast will mean the car is instantly recognizable. As a bonus, white engine bays REALLY showcase an engine. By the way, welcome to the site!
  11. Mark

    Ford issues owner-only Boss 302 prints

    You ordered one didn't you ;D
  12. Mark

    How many people have had their Bosses stolen?

    I have access to GPS based tracking devices on the cheap. Lo-Jack only works in certain areas (I think roughly 15 markets?) and the police vehicle needs to be near your car for it to work. Send me a PM if interested.
  13. Mark

    My Visit With a Boss 302

    That kid of yours will catch the car disease for sure. Good job on not taking the car home...I'm sure the extra 10k they wanted helped ;D
  14. Mark

    I can't BELIEVE this!!! I GOT my tag approved!

    That is a great pick up! I can't believe it was available!
  15. Mark

    My Laguna Seca arrived today at the dealer!

    Congrats on what will be a very unique and rare part of mustang history! I can't wait for the full review!