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  1. Advancetrac and Limp Mode

    When mine popped the CEL and went into limp mode it was cold as hell outside and I was messing around with the traction control button, the car also had just sat for 4 months. Doubt that helps but figured I would post as the memories came back.
  2. Advancetrac and Limp Mode

    I had the same thing happen to me the second time I drove my car, had something like 40 miles on it. The CEL stayed on and I immediately brought it to the local dealer who scanned it and it came back to a misfire in the 3rd, 5th, and 8th cylinders. They looked it over and did not find a cause. I...
  3. Hello from ND

    Big shout out and thank you to everyone for the advice...
  4. What did you do to your Boss 302 or S197 today?

    Re: What did you do to your boss today?Rear seat delete, lowering springs, panhard bar and shifter.... Awesome improvements well worth every cent.
  5. Hello from ND

    Installed the lowering springs, panhard bar, rear seat delete and the shifter today... The shifter, even though its an FR via Barton and not a MGW makes a huge difference. The lowering springs and panhard bar are nice as well but I will have to get used to the rigidness / stiffness (thats what...
  6. Art for the man cave

    Agreed, you could get those custom made for $500 at most and have all the reliability of a new sign...
  7. Hello from ND

    Ended up going with the T springs and the FR adjustable panhard bar...
  8. Hello from ND

    Just north of you in Lindstrom....small world, I just guessed on the distance from St. Paul figured it was around 40...
  9. Hello from ND

    Yep, those were the springs I was looking into. Still not sure if I can get away with simply the springs and an alignment.
  10. Hello from ND

    I bought the car in December 2012 and really didnt drive it much the first summer, think I put 1200 miles on it. The snow amounts havent been bad since I moved up here in 2009. Mainly just the cold and the wind. The large drifts are still an issue but mainly depend on the way your house is...
  11. Hello from ND

    I knew about Brainerd but was unsure of their requirements for roll cages and such. I will not be doing any work to the interior besides the rear seat delete. If work allows I am going to do my best to get to the NE roundup.
  12. Hello from ND

    You are talking about lower control arm relocation correct?
  13. Hello from ND

    I am going to order some lowering springs. What relocation brackets do you recommend? I am purchasing the FR Boss lowering springs.
  14. Hello from ND

    Good to here. I am originally from MN about 40 miles north of st.paul. If I can stay on day shift at work I will be able to make a lot of the events this year. Look forward to meeting both of you.
  15. Hello from ND

    Nevermind I looked it up on ford racing's parts site. Looks like .6 in the front 1.3 in the rear. Have you done the one piece driveshaft?