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  1. better than a tune

    This mourning I went to start the boss and it was covered in frost. I let it warm up as I do not believe in using a scraper. The temperature was +2 C or for our American friends about 35 F. This cool air sure makes a difference in the way the BOSS responds. 2nd gear is hilarious as it will go...
  2. My New Boss Anthem - DOES IT MAKE YOU FEEL GOOD?

    Try listening to ( If You Should Love Me by Ten Years After ) you, the boss at 7000 rpm and your woman and you will begin to wonder who should get that diamond ring, on her or the BOSS
  3. Was over at couple of other forums

    Maybe that is the problem no road course. There is one being built at Castrol Raceway.
  4. Was over at couple of other forums

    Was just cruising through a couple of other forums and the boss came up as they could not believe a boss would pull on a CTSV to 100 mph and over at some M3 forum a member says he has never had a pos boss pass him on a road course. Now granted we are not comparing apples to oranges here but at...
  5. What Did You Sell to Purchase Your Boss?

    No sense in showing picture but I traded in a 2012 GT/CS nice car really liked it. I looked at the boss last year and would have bought except for no sync. Then my wife seen build# 1672 SBY being off loaded at the dealer she said it was hers. It must be hers it was built on her birthday July...
  6. how does it do it

    I like it a lot as the stability control is not as aggressive compared the silver key when making a turn at a light. The lopey idle is cool when surrounded by traffic and high buildings. Have not tried out launch control yet. Thanks for the Tip on pictures I will check it out. ;D
  7. 2013 Boss Questions

    My trackey install was included in the price of the car here in Edmonton. The instructions that came with the install says you can program another Trackey but it will disable the old key as only one trackey can be programed to the car at any given time. Hope this helps. By the way OP just buy...
  8. how does it do it

    I must be doing something wrong for uploading pictures :-\ I have build #1672 build date July 18 same date as the wifes birthday. We picked it up August 10 and have put 5000 km on it so far. There was a road trip Edmonton to Vancouver and the recaros worked great. Monday went to the dealer to...
  9. how does it do it

    Had a run in 3rd gear with Jaguar XKR they are supposed to be 500 hp and it lost ground to my boss and then yesterday had a camaro ss that thought it could but could not. It was not even close. I always thought 500 hp plus gobs of torque because of forced induction the boss would not stand a...