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  1. SlowstangGT

    GT350 Track Tire Options

    How's the wear with -3.0?
  2. SlowstangGT

    GT350 Track Tire Options

    Funny you bring up A052, I had a buddy go off track with those that weekend. They get real sketchy after the 2nd or 3rd hot lap or so
  3. SlowstangGT

    GT350 Track Tire Options

    Lateral grip was mostly fine; it was more longitudinal grip under braking. I'm wondering if the pressures have a lot to do with it, or if I'm simply expecting too much from a 200tw endurance tire comparing it to an NT01As for PSI, they said 28-32 lbs depending on weight. I assumed 33-34 as...
  4. SlowstangGT

    GT350 Track Tire Options

    Some updates on my second track day with the Continental ExtremeContact Force. I took them to Sonoma, and I think my opinions on them have changed. Compared to my PB, I was roughly 2 seconds off pace (best that day was 1:56 vs PB of 1:54 with NT01's). The tire has noticeably less grip than the...
  5. SlowstangGT

    GT350 Track Tire Options

    Any sign of these heat cycling out? I just got myself a set of 295/30r19's and they were phenomenal! I'm wondering how many heat cycles we should be expecting out of these :)
  6. SlowstangGT

    Sonoma SpeedSF Feb 5-6

    Ahh I'll be there on the 6th. @Scootsmcgreggor we'll be a day off lol
  7. SlowstangGT

    New 200 TWR tire coming out from Continental -- with some Hoosier DNA.

    The reviews are finally here!!!
  8. SlowstangGT

    Lap Time Thread

    Track: Laguna Seca When: 1/2/2022 (w/ Turn8 Racing, Advanced Group) Time: 1:43.19 Car: 2017 Mustang GT Tires: 305/35R18 Nitto NT-01 Suspension: BMR SP083, SB044, CB005; FRPP Track Shocks, Toe-Link bearing; Steeda RCC; SuperPro BushingsThis is the first lap time that I'm happy enough with to...
  9. SlowstangGT

    EBC Brakes Pad Giveaway - December

    Taking turns dogfighting with @byronj at Sonoma Raceway was pretty fun! But I think the most fun memories are watching unsuspecting passengers get shocked when they realize Mustang's can actually corner 😂
  10. SlowstangGT

    Tire Choice: NT01 vs Supercar 3 (non R)?

    I currently run the NT01s in 305/35r18 (square). They're a great tire, and they're getting faster as they wear down into a slick!I picked up a set of 19x11's recently, and am looking for a set of 305s for these. How do the GY Supercar 3 (non R's) compare? Are they grippier than the NT01s?I...
  11. SlowstangGT

    S550 Tire Choice: NT01 vs Supercar 3 (non R)?

    [Edit: Moving this over to a better location]
  12. SlowstangGT

    S550 S16 Mustang

    Amazing progress on the engine swap! Look forward to seeing this beast at the track soon :D
  13. SlowstangGT

    S550 2020 Mustang GT PP

    Good call, I think I will start off with changing it every other oil change, with my oil change intervals being 3-4 track days + a thousand or so street [email protected] Pemberton , How often do suggest changing MT82 fluids? I'm running BG SynchroShift II, I was thinking probably twice a year...
  14. SlowstangGT

    S550 2020 Mustang GT PP

    Did you use the NS oil or the oil with the friction modifier? I'm running RL 75w110 right now (with friction modifier), and I don't notice any noise. I was planning on switching to 140 though...
  15. SlowstangGT

    S550 S550 GTPP

    South Bay, hbu?