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  1. Huge brake upgrade for S197 chassis

    What is the advantage of the s550 setup when the 13/14 GT500 setup is available with very affordable calipers and rotors? With the GT500 calipers you get all the advantages of a longer torque arm and bigger heat sink with the 15" versus 14" rotors.... but without the problems with the master...
  2. Stainless power vs Kooks headers

    It also seems a lot of comparisons are between stock headers with cats versus LTH with cat deletes. What is the difference between stock coyote headers and LTH, both with cat deletes? I've had trouble finding that before vs. after test. Is that really 30 hp?
  3. S197 Black Panda

    In your diagrams, it appears either you adjusted the angles of the rear LCA and UCA via your adjustable brackets or else your diagrams are a little off. Look at either of the diagrams. If you don't change the mounting holes on your brackets, and raise the rear of the car, the chassis side...
  4. S197 Black Panda

    At the risk of getting into stuff you already know, I guess I'm a little confused by your statement: "The car was raised by 30mm in the back to shift some of that weight towards the back," followed by your comments about lowering anti-squat. Two points:First, my understanding is that all...
  5. S197 Black Panda

    @Bree789 congrats on what sounds like a really fun day. I'd say whatever you are doing seems to be working -- 4 seconds faster on a 1.50-ish lap is pretty huge, so why not.Take my comments with a grain of salt as I'm not familiar with the V6 sway bar rates. But your comment that the car...
  6. S550 A Pale Horse

    I have such respect for so many of you on here who build your cars, hammer on them, break them, and [email protected] liters of democracy, I'm sorry for your troubles but I really enjoy following your adventures on this thread and I'm sure you'll be back faster than ever very soon.
  7. Weight Reduction That Doesn't Ruin Your life/Safety, Thoughts?

    I think you are right that the extra 1,000 rpm redline is the difference maker.Like you I have almost 160,000 miles on a totally stock gen1 coyote drivetrain, all original mt82/clutch etc., 40 plus track days, advanced HPDE level pace. Buuuuttt... I usually short shift at about 6500 and...
  8. Brake Upgrade Advice for my 17 5.0 non-performance pack

    Take a look at this thread, lots of good detail about the challenges with your stock setup:
  9. CEL at the track help!?

    What was your fuel level when you got the cel? Low fuel level can cause fuel starvation in corners and random misfires/cel. Good luck.
  10. Newbie advice

    Choose the tires you want to run first and then find good wheels to make them work. Apex has great wheels and helpful fitment guides that explain everything you need to know:
  11. Stock Recaro Price

    Last year I bought a set of 2012 Recaros front and rear, excellent shape, on here for $1500.Of course they aren't as good as a true race seat on track but together with a Schroth quick fit harness/hans they are way, way better than stock and work well for my street-track compromise car. I...
  12. GT350 Track Tire Options

    Yes to me the pace seemed to stay strong. Maybe not quite as quick as day 1 but too many variables to really say for sure.
  13. GT350 Track Tire Options

    Maybe close depending on length of sessions and how hard you are pushing but that's on the high end in my experience. I'd say 4 days, with 4-5 sessions per day, is a good rough estimate. Interested in others' opinions on this.Detail: I did 4 extended 40 minute ccw sessions day 1 at Palmer...
  14. Naturally Aspirated mods for Fast Road GT

    I'm similar to you with a stock gen1 coyote that is very much a street car, although I do track my car also.Others know far more than me on this subject but I did speak with Shaun at AED, super nice and helpful guy, and he steered me away from the '18 manifold. Less low end torque and other...
  15. GT350 Track Tire Options

    Thanks Bill. I was running my 3R's at 35 psi hot, not 38, but did receive a potential tip from a racer I trust to try bumping them up to 38 hot. I corded one of them on the outside shoulder and the rest are almost corded. This guy's thought was that I might be rolling them over a bit too...