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Recent content by superhero

  1. superhero

    2019 Bullitt reveal

    Nice shot. However that had to hit hard when it landed. Unless the road was just pitched right. Did you ever think of what that must feel like. To take your baby / car and have at it! Not worrying about how you hit or land. Rick+ that is a GREAT SHOT! The green looks to somewhat lighter. Maybe...
  2. superhero

    Now This is Cool Tech

    you had me. I thought you were talking about the vendor cool tech. https://www.cooltechllc.com/
  3. superhero

    What ‘R’ you doing steveespo

    I like the look of the graphics on the car except for the hood. You need that MOTORCRAFT and FORD logo across the hood. Maybe i'm old but that's how I relate to the wood brothers car. What's the reason for 121 in stead of 21. Good luck with your need ride!
  4. superhero

    2018 electric Mustang GT

    Having money is a very Wonderful thing. So I'm told. If you can dream it.... They can build it for the right price.
  5. superhero

    What ‘R’ you doing steveespo

    Love the style and fit and finish of a Watson bar. I'm a little surprised its not Red to get the 21 color scheme going.
  6. superhero

    Mustang GT4 build pics

    Yep, Those pictures will get the juices flowing. Good luck with your build. You are in GREAT hands. Only if you could of done Yellow Blaze to make it somewhat different. No matter what color it is, It's a great build done by some of the best in the business.
  7. superhero

    Fat Cars

    To me that's more on the obesity side. You'll see that parked in the Walmart parking lot. That Porsche needs to lower it's Fiber....glass intake. I'm guessing that's a movie car.
  8. superhero

    Kooks 1 7/8 super street headers ( NEW in Box )

    Headers are sold and shipped to Dark Horse today.
  9. superhero

    Buyer/Seller Feedback

    Sold my kooks headers to Dark Horse. Payment was there when he said it would be!! Pleasure to deal with. Thanks Dark Horse
  10. superhero

    Pics of your Boss 302 or S197 Mustang at the track!

    Great shot. That has to be hard on parts.
  11. superhero

    Kooks 1 7/8 super street headers ( NEW in Box )

    Headers are sold to the Dark Horse above me. Winter storm pending.....:mad: Thank You Dark Horse for understanding. This is the fourth noreaster in 2 months. I have had enough Mother nature>>>Please!!!
  12. superhero

    Kooks 1 7/8 super street headers ( NEW in Box )

    Selling my NEW kooks super street headers. Plans have changed and no longer need them. They are NEW in Box, 1 7/8 super street shorty headers. Never installed. Lowest asking price from vendors is $690.00. My price is $525.00 for New Kooks Headers. I will ship at buyers expense. However I...
  13. superhero

    What did you do to your GT350 or S550 Mustang today?

    Hey guys, Sense your talking about the storm. I have a question and hopefully someone with knowledge of rights can answer. The TMO lawyers. First off.... I have nothing to do with my neighbor and could care less of him. After the storm was over I noticed a huge tree had fallen from my property...
  14. superhero

    Clutch Not Fully Disengaging

    Sounds like you need to shim your TO Bearing outward. It may be sitting to deep in the bell housing.
  15. superhero

    F1 Cockpit Halo

    They cant be serious. And to even install it. Two words.......Your Fired