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    GT350 TPMS Install

    GT350 TPMS install. Torque T-10 screw to 12 inch lbs. Torque TPMS nut to 35 inch lbs. keep sensor parallel to wheel barrel.
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    S550 Team MOTU 2.0 - 2019 GT350R

    PittRace June 2021. 1:56 laps
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    S550 Team MOTU 2.0 - 2019 GT350R

    The gold wheels are street & rain wheels/tires. I’ve mostly been running Apex SM-10’s with Hoosier R7’s 315/30x19 on track. The CF wheels have 5 year old Cup2’s that are ok for street but not track… so they don’t get used much… because I mostly use the car for track. I guess I just need to...
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    GT350 gets a new FP350s crate engine

    Very cool stuff. Thanks for sharing
  5. Team MOTU 2.0 - 2019 GT350R

    Team MOTU 2.0 - 2019 GT350R

  6. TeamMOTU

    S550 Team MOTU 2.0 - 2019 GT350R

    This is the Build Thread for Team MOTU 2.0 - 2019 GT350R. Reply below.
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    Chin Track Days

    I’ve only had good experiences with Chin. Top notch organization. Lots of track time, etc. Like all HPDE groups, if you are using an instructor results may vary. My personal experience with their instructors has been very good. Mark W. (Corvette guy) helped me immensely at WGI, and Jade...
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    DIY GT350 Oil Change W/Canister and Open Element Filter

    FL-2087 is the new part number for the filter.
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    GT350 Square Apex SM-10 11.5” setup

    The setup worked fine with a 31mm spacer up front on the GT350. No rubbing or issues running 315/30x19 Hoosier R7’s. I did get very light rubbing on the inner fender cover & e-brake cable when running 315/35x19” Hoosiers on the rear.If I were doing it again (and I may be soon) I would do...
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    GT350 Square Apex SM-10 11.5” setup

    With 315/30x19 R7’s
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    GT350 Square Apex SM-10 11.5” setup

    The usual setup. BCForged ec-173’s 11” front & 11.5” rear