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  1. Pics of your Boss 302 or S197 Mustang at the track!

    Re: Pics of your Boss or Mustang at the track!!!It's for transmission.
  2. Pics of your Boss 302 or S197 Mustang at the track!

    Re: Pics of your Boss or Mustang at the track!!!That's right. All of the cooler cores including AC condenser and radiator have gone. Unfortunately this was the first track attack day after I installed oil cooler :'(
  3. Pics of your Boss 302 or S197 Mustang at the track!

    Re: Pics of your Boss or Mustang at the track!!!Yeah, but 2 to 5 cars are killed by 130R every week.Here's another pics in Suzuka Twin Circuit. There are several tracks around Suzuka International Circuit.It's not a cool pic. I crashed here a week ago and my mustang is now under...
  4. Pics of your Boss 302 or S197 Mustang at the track!

    Re: Pics of your Boss or Mustang at the track!!!I went to Suzuka circuit in Japan for the first time in 2wks ago. But my mustang GT couldn't run whole track using full throttle because of the oil temp. So I've ordered engine oil cooler, differential cooler and transmission cooler. Next time I...
  5. MT -82 transmission cooler setup

    Thank you so much Steve! I will be going to America next week for business trip so I can receive them in my accommodation so that I can reduce shipment cost to Japan. I've already sent setrab 925 as engine cooler and needed hardware.As for the transmission cooler, I've ordered VDO pump as it...
  6. MT -82 transmission cooler setup

    Hi Steve Cool! cooler installation! Could you please tell me the size of the drain and filler plug for transmission? Is it standard mm, inch or npt thread? I'd like to know which fitting I should buy. I can know them if I drain oil though.I will be installing engine oil, differential and...
  7. BMR K-Member Vibration and a Fix

    I also had terrible vibration after installing 1/2 lowered K-member. It seems to be no clearance when I saw the clearance between rack and engine so I inserted three washer totally 4.3mm on top of the aluminium mount and then vibration was completely off.I've bought the anti vibration engine...
  8. Front Stabilizer Importance

    I did an experiment that make sure the front stabilizer effect.How to do experiment: Compare between front stabilizer delete or not in the track. My stang is 12' Brembo pkg, nearly stock condition except 165lbs weight loss.Result: w/front stabilizer
  9. k member questions

    Do you guys really get positive effect from BMR K-member ?I've been running BMR K-member for a month. But I don't think it's worth to have. I will get back to stock one in this weekend. Because it is less reliability and I couldn't get positive effect from BMR's one. 20lbs weight and...
  10. Member Introductions - Introduce Yourself

    Re: Member IntroductionsI see, will do. But I've done only simple modifications which are basic equipments for track attack and light weight parts for balancing the mustang. Mustang is too front heavy, I'd like to make it nearly 50:50 weight balance for better handling.I don't see any...
  11. Member Introductions - Introduce Yourself

    Re: Member IntroductionsHi, nice to see you guys. I'm just GT owner because of the difficulty of getting BOSS302 in Japan. I'm interested in drifting and gripping track attack.Below is my short video of drifting and gripping in Suzuka Twin Drift and Grip Cource.Drift Cource...