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  1. GT350 Front Caliper Stuck on Studs

    Had a great conversation with CRisolvato last night with respect to this.To be clear, stud kits are not offered for the '20 GT350R (they are offered for the '20 non-R though) and for good reason. The hole depths in the '20 R knuckle have been inconsistent and the demand simply isn't there to...
  2. GT350 Front Caliper Stuck on Studs

    Sorry, I haven't been here for some time. There's some sharp minds here that have nailed every relevant talking point. Keep your gear clean and you minimize the potential for issues to arise and you stay acutely aware of how various parts are working.OP is a great guy and I'm glad he shared...
  3. S550 Track GT500

    Any updates?
  4. S550 Track GT500

    Thank you and looking forward to hearing anything else about what the factory is doing regarding the plates. They have been all over the map regarding content/installation responsibility and any clarity would certainly help. My car has everything done to it now but it was a bit of a bumpy road...
  5. S550 Track GT500

    Beautiful. Race Red looks so damn good on these cars, I'm jealous.Just curious regarding the quote above - do you have any documentation regarding the statement you made about Job2 CFTP cars coming with the plates installed (also wondering if "Handling Package" cars will have the plates...
  6. Picked up a crew job at the Daytona 4 hour

    Was Tom handling the fuel?
  7. 2020 GT500 Wheel Porn & Tech

    Good stuff T. A great looking wheel coupled with weight reduction. And some fantastic photography to boot. Well done!
  8. GT350 Front Brake Pad Replacement Tips

    Precipitation hardened 17-4 stainless alloy is an excellent choice in an application requiring strength while providing excellent anti-corrosion properties. A number of brake hardware manufacturers use the alloy in big brake kits. It typically isn't used by the OEM's due to cost. If there is any...
  9. 2020+ GT500 Carbon Ceramic Brakes - update

    Haven't been here in a long time. First thread I browse and I see the comments you made in the post above this. Thanks for the kind words, you're a gentleman, somewhat of a rarity these days.
  10. GT350 Front Grille Opening

    You will. Might be a bit though.
  11. GT350 Front Grille Opening

    Blah, blah, blah. Yes there is additional venting of the hood on the upcoming GT500. I still disagree with some of what has been said (as these intake tract systems don't really leak) in this thread. I think Ford would have too. Looky here...
  12. 2019 GT500 Speculation

    Talked to **** from ***** while at Sebring for the IMSA races. I learned that Ford is still testing prototypes equipped with DCT's. Not sounding like there is going to be any alternarive transmission offered. And while I had been told that cars at Building 57 had two piece steel driveshafts the...
  13. Dedicated Track conversion

    That looks good. Thanks for the additional photos.
  14. Dedicated Track conversion

    I stood before Dean's Nano car last year at Mosport with Sean Mason from Multimatic discussing the aero changes made, including the hood. I asked if they could at least make the center vent available but after looking closely at the GT4 hood it is actually contoured differently where the hood...
  15. Rear seat delete part question

    2" x 2" is a fair approximation of the block size.