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Recent content by TymeSlayer

  1. TymeSlayer

    S197 Transformation of Sweet Lorraine

    Installed the Boss302 R/S ABS Race Module (M-2353-CA) and it took about a half hour. Drove around a bit and although there are some lights on the gauges, there is no chime so it's easy to live with.
  2. TymeSlayer

    how do i install the race abs module?

    Got the module installed (-CA) yesterday and other than finding the bottom screw holes (Insert Joke Here...) things went smoothly. Removed the CAI, Radiator Cover, Lower Airbox and disconnected the MAF. OEM Module Drove around for about a half hour and got no chime but these are the...
  3. TymeSlayer

    WTB Parnelli Jones CAI

    That CAI seems to be missing the PJ badge on it but other than that, it's the Airaid CF unit.
  4. TymeSlayer

    SpeedSF @ Thunderhill East [2/22-23]

    Good luck, have fun and be safe!
  5. TymeSlayer

    ► APEX | 18” & 19” EC-7 Mustang Wheel Group Buy - Up to $250 OFF + Free Shipping

    Today being "Be Nice to an Old Codger" day", I shall refrain from further comment.
  6. TymeSlayer

    GT350R - Aftermarket Wheel Lug Nut Solution

    Did find some 1/2-20 open end ones for the Boss but because Titanium, not cheap.
  7. TymeSlayer

    DOW 23,000+ today?

    Although they say Rome wasn't built in a day, it could certainly burn in one.
  8. TymeSlayer

    Ryan Newman Injury

    Been some crazy stunts at NASCAR back in the day, Including Jimmy "The Flying Greek" Koufos who would preform on Saturday's to draw in the crowds. http://www.motorsportretro.com/2010/03/jimmy-the-flying-greek-koufos-attempts-world-record-bus-jump/
  9. TymeSlayer

    ABS bleeding tool

    No but am looking to change out all brake and clutch fluids while putting in the 302S ABS module and wonder if this tool might help. It would be great if it would shut off the idiot lights that will come on after the exchange. Not sure why the OP is asking.
  10. TymeSlayer

    ABS bleeding tool

    Are you looking for this tool because you feel there's air in the ABS module? Here's a tool I've seen but not sure what years it covers. It may be for only 2013 and older Fords. https://www.amazon.com/dp/B07P621KR1/?tag=tmo302-20
  11. TymeSlayer

    Ryan Newman Injury

    My friend had Poole in our fantasy NASCAR pool and figured he was going to get a last place showing. I told him that a place like Daytona and Talladega brings the second tier and rookies up into better finishing positions due to all the wrecks. Hope you enjoyed the 500 and am glad to hear that...
  12. TymeSlayer

    ► APEX | 18” & 19” EC-7 Mustang Wheel Group Buy - Up to $250 OFF + Free Shipping

    I do have a nice set of Forgestars that I've used on the track but they have been nicked and scratched a bit. The SM-10 and EC-7 I've got from Apex have also been tracked and they're holding up much better, even after a few spins. They're both in Satin Black which shows blemishes quite well but...
  13. TymeSlayer

    ► APEX | 18” & 19” EC-7 Mustang Wheel Group Buy - Up to $250 OFF + Free Shipping

    If I buy any more wheels from you guys, I'll become a franchised distributor! 🤣